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Thursday, April 25, 2024
Zeena Singh

Of a Chore in a Happy Tone

By EMN Updated: Jan 14, 2017 11:02 pm

As a reaction to an action – no face can remain glum ever, nor spirit never be lifted in response to the sound of music in the ear.

It cheers a broken heart, unburdens a heavy load, breaks the spell of severe solemnity no matter how stern, and acts as a soothing balm to an ailing soul.

Little wonder then of the double thrill that is dispelled at the ring of the ice cream van at every street corner. Knowing what comes with that particular musical ring send eager little feet scampering, drawn toward it as a practiced traditional routine, associating its tune to the prized allure.

My heart too reacted in cheery delight at my first encounter, without ever having met or been aware of the ice cream van, with its tinkling melody. The pretty sound, before the sight, caught my attention and has since remained a favourite tune that faintly rings in my mind automatically sending a beam across my face.

Over the years too have I learned through personal experience as much as has been taught me about how music reaps notable excellence in one’s performance both professional and otherwise. In quiet dominance its sway holds supremacy.

Today, over another simple pleasure I voice my appreciation; that of a chore most essential but often detested – garbage and its disposal! The rude early morning awakening by a shrill piercing whistle blow or that deafening honk in all its intended loudness blaring outside your door, to be heard miles around, is known to have a very stressful effect on every responsible citizen who jump- starts out of a night of quiet rest, startled, darting to get to the source lest the trash van leaves your collected rubbish behind.

Only a quarter towards the end of 2016, and much to everyone’s (as much as to mine) amazed but joyful wonder, was the morning when a kind of oldies- goldies together with favourite love tunes for listening pleasure filled the air. An announcement requesting every house to set out their trash bags and bins followed. Every ear was amiably alerted.

Most unconventional, yet the effect closely resembled that of the ice cream van- the outcome was a rather astounded but merry gathering of cheerful folk in my neighborhood, both young and old, willingly carrying garbage and a smile.

Suddenly a sense of liveliness filled the air and I saw and a lilt in every step as they came forward trundling their bags and bins while a cheery collector stepped down from the big pick- up helping throw in the trash.

No more a dreaded task or a bothersome annoyance, Garbage today is handed and taken in jolly ready eagerness, and I have only to thank the person who launched such a happy tone to what we have always known to be a chore.

By EMN Updated: Jan 14, 2017 11:02:56 pm
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