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NYARAM- Longwa Konyak special dish by Suzanne

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Good Morning Nagaland

Unique Nagas and the inimitable Naga dishes

Diverse dishes of Nagaland, one of the most important ‘attractions’ for the growing number of visitors….

Eastern Mirror with its feature ‘Good morning Nagaland’ aims to highlight all the important traditional dishes that distinct every tribe of Nagaland through their unique ways of cooking.

‘Good morning Nagaland’ also plans to highlight the different dishes of people other than Nagas who are settled in Nagaland. Furthermore ‘Good morning Nagaland’ will wrap up various unique recipes from local restaurants.

Recipes of various hot and delicious dishes are coming your way so grab you seat belts to an adventurous journey with ‘Good Morning Nagaland’ and expertise yourself in the food culture of Nagaland.

‘Good morning Nagaland’ which will be published on Mondays sets to witness various individuals from all tribes who will pull strings together with ever tribes through food.NYARAM- Longwa Konyak special dish

IMG_2838Nyaram is a speciality of Longwa Konyak village. This particular leaf is found in Longwa village which is located at the border of Burma.It taste delicious with Pork and Mithun. It is mostly eaten during the festive seasons.

Serving for 4-6 people
1. Pork/Bos frontalis (Mithun)-1kg
2. Nyaram leaf-1 large bowl
3. Bamboo shoot-Shredded
4. Ginger-20 gms (mashed)
5. Garlic-6 large cloves (mashed)
6. Dry Naga Chilly-2 or more (depending on how spicy you want it to be)
7. Schezwan Pepper-For flavour
8. Salt-For taste.

1. Cook the whole 1kg of meat along with Nyaram Leaf, Salt to taste and 250ml of water.
2. Once the dish is half cooked, slice the meat into dices and finely chop the Nyaram Leave.
3. Add all the remaining ingredients mentioned above into the pot along with the sliced meat and finely chopped Nyaram leave.
4. The dish should be properly stirred.
5. Cover the lid of the pot and cook in medium flame till done.
In 20-25 minutes the dish is ready to be eaten.
(Best served with rice and chutney)

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