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NWA launches official website

By EMN Updated: Mar 02, 2015 10:34 pm

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The Nagaland Wrestling Association (NWA) launched its official website today at Ura Hotel, Kohima. The launching programme was graced by Vikheho Swu, Parliamentary Secretary for Irrigation & Flood Control and Elections as the chief guest.
Speaking at the function, Swu lauded the NWA officials for their effort in launching the website. “This is a sincere effort to take Naga wrestling to other parts of the world and to take it to a higher level,” he said.The Parliamentary Secretary while stating that indigenous games over the years have expressed the cultural identity, value system and heritages of the Naga community, underlined the need to promote Naga indigenous sports so as to reinforce community values.
Observing that indigenous games also create platform for communities to interact in a better way, he encouraged the youngsters to partake in indigenous games so as to pass on the rich legacy of the Naga culture.
On Naga wrestling, which he said attracts the largest crowd among the sporting events in the State, he urged the NWA officials to promote it to other districts and neighbouring states so that it becomes a big sporting event in the country. To this, he underscored the need to popularize Naga wrestling with the aim to introduce it at the national and international level.
“If we give our effort, than Naga wrestling can be introduced to any level we wanted it to be. However, this should not be the responsibility of the politicians and sports officials, but it should be a concerted effort from everyone,” he said. He added that Nagas have the prospect in many sports discipline at the national level.
While stating that it’s time for the Nagas to restructure the society, he also implored on the need for the Nagas ‘to generate resources of our own’. “Unless we generate our financial situation, we won’t improve,” he said.
Earlier, the welcome address and introductory of the NWA website was delivered by NWA president Neikhrolo Khalo, while the invocation was pronounced by Rev Iringtie Kauring, Asst Pastor Zeme Baptist Church, Kohima. A special number was presented by Pautingaule and the vote of thanks was tendered by Mitwatei Haibwang, NWA Property Secretary. The programme was chaired by NWA vice president Neivikuolie Khatsü.

Over 100 wrestlers to vie for NWA Open wrestling championship

Over 100 wrestlers will vie for the ultimate title of the 9th Open Naga Wrestling Open Championship scheduled on March 12 at Khuochiezie Local Ground, Kohima.
The winner of this year’s Open wrestling championship will walk away with a prize money of Rs 1,50,000, sponsored by Isaac Kronu, Class-1 contractor and Supplier, while the second position winner will receive at Rs 1,00,000, sponsored by Vevo Sapuh, Director Art & Culture. The cash award for the third prize is Rs 70,000, sponsored by Zaveyi Nyekha, Director School Education, while the fourth prize winner will receive Rs 50,000, sponsored by MK Mero, Commissioner & Secretary Industries & Commerce.
The four losing quarterfinalists will also receive Rs 8,000 each, sponsored by Dr Neisatuo Mero, while the eight losing pre-quarter finalists will be given Rs 4,000 each, sponsored by Atei-u Keditsu, entrepreneur.
The one-day tournament being organized by the Nagaland Wrestling Association (NWA) will be hosted by the Chakhesang Wrestling Association (CWA) and sponsored by the Tourism Department, Government of Nagaland.
The inaugural function would be graced by Chotisuh Sazo, Speaker Nagaland Legislative Assembly as the chief guest, while the closing function would be graced by Khriehu Liezietsu, Parliamentary Secretary Youth Resources & Sports and Music Task Force.
The announcers for the tournament are Dirie Hemang, Neidilhoutuo Sechü and Thepuchiyi Nyekha, while the referees are Hangcheu, Kezhalelie Keretsü and Lhüvenu Phesao. The field judges are Puilung N Hau, Kwetzibe, Neingulie Nagi, Zehoto Kikhi, Wezhiepe Wetsa and Vecüpa Swüro. The time keepers are Keheizierang, Neikeselie Punyü and Küzhovesa Soho, while the recorders are Paurangbe Poireng, Tsilie Zashümo and Zazhota Dawhuo. The runners are Rudayi Cürhah and Thüpuve Resüh and the assistant waist binders are Pekruneito Krose and Rüdasa Cürhah.
The donor, chair and gallery tickets are priced at Rs 2000, Rs 400 and Rs 100 respectively. The last date for form submission is March 7 (Saturday). The wrestling tournament will commence at 8.40 am, wherein all the wrestlers and officials are asked to be seated before 8.30 am.
Meanwhile, all the wrestlers are also asked to report at the ground on March 11 at 2 pm for collection of players’ entry card and related information, while the tournament officials are also requested to report at the venue on March 11 at 3 pm for final binding.
For the inaugural function, the invocation will be pronounced by Wepre Mero, Pastor Chakhesang Baptist Church Ministers’ Hill, Kohima, while the welcome address will be delivered by Thepusayi Nienu, president CWA. The presidential address will be delivered by Neikhrolo Khalo, president NWA and the administration of oath will be done by Neitshupe Wetsah, vice president CWA. The compere for the function is Welo-ü Khalo.

Qualified referees for NWA Naga style wrestling

The Nagaland Wrestling Association conducted a refresher course for the referees today at IG stadium Kohima. The referees who qualified for conducting the NWA Naga style wrestling are Keneingulie Nagi (Angami Sports Association), Kezhalelie Keretsü (ASA), Lhüvenü Phesao (Chakhesang Wrestling Association), Surhoneyi Soho (CWA), Hangcheu (Zeliang Wrestling Association), Zehoto Kikhi (ASA), Teilubi (ZWA), Visakholie Chüsi (ASA), Kope Kronu (CWA) and Heisarangi (ZWA).

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