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Nuton Bosti celebrates golden jubilee

By Our Correspondent Updated: Dec 28, 2019 10:45 pm

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Dimapur, Dec. 28 (EMN):
Notun Bosti Council in Dimapur celebrated its golden jubilee with the theme ‘Unity for advancement’ at the Ao Khel chairman’s residence on Dec. 28 in the colony.

Speaking during the occasion as the event’s special invitee, additional deputy commissioner of Dimapur, V Lovitoly Sema said jubilee is a time of thanksgiving, celebration, and retrospection on the past, and for planning for the future.

Sema advised the gathering to remember and thank the pioneers who sacrificed their time and life for the establishment of the institution. She urged them to appreciate the past and the current leaders who worked to build the council to take it to where it stands today.

‘Reaching 50 years is the end of one stage,’ the government servant said. She advised the gathering to work together to make their future better than the past and the present.

Sema said living on the threshold of the 21st century is ‘competitive, which is very challenging as everyone is trying to be the best.’ She urged the colony’s people to strive to achieve unity and to advance.

‘Without unity they cannot think of advancement,’ she said urging the gathering to unite, live peacefully and respect one another in every sphere of life. ‘Only then we can talk about advancement.’

‘Unity brings peace and where there is peace there is advancement. Community unity is very important for the progress in any society,’ she said.

Further, Sema lauded the Notun Bosti community for its ‘unity’ as the colony comprises people of different tribes and communities. Unity is the key for advancement, she said. She urged the gathering to support one another and to have a spirit of inclusion and equity based on love and oneness, to achieve advancement.

Sema told the colony’s people that the council has a huge responsibility as they are the local administration in the area formulating and supervising various activities for the welfare of the people. She added that they are the ones who maintain law and order, and peace.

During the occasion, a brief history of the Notun Bosti Council was given by former chairman of the NBCD, Alem Ao. He said the Notun Bosti council was established in the year 1969 with Lhoutuo Angami as the first chairman and I Vikheshe Awomi as its first secretary.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Dec 28, 2019 10:45:38 pm