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NU students cry for approach road, VC

By EMN Updated: Oct 26, 2016 2:20 am

Dimapur, October 25 : The Nagaland University Students’ Union of Kohima Campus Meriema has appealed to the Governor as well the State Government to improve the deplorable approach road of Nagaland University at the earliest. It also requested the Chancellor or the Visitor of the university to appoint its Vice Chancellor without delay.

In an open letter, appended by its president Thongo Khenpong Konyak and general secretary Imkongmenla Longkumer, to the Governor and the State Government on Tuesday, the union expressed its discontentment over the deplorable condition of the approach road while recalling that it had appealed to the Governor on September 27 to intervene and look into the matter within 30 days.
It stated the request was made as the UGC does not permit the university to spend funds for approach road, water pipeline, electric sub-station etc. which are the responsibility of the State Government (6.4 of UGC XII Plan guidelines).

“The Governor has shouldered the responsibility to the department concerned i.e., Road and Bridges Minister,” the union stated. However, it lamented that no response and initiative has been taken so far in this regard.

The letter pointed out that NU is the sole university of the State and despite being a Central University it lags behind, depriving the students of various needs. The university has been struggling for the past five years with no proper road putting the lives of the students at stake, the union said and urged the State Government to take up the issue within this month, failing which it will take actions for which the latter will be held solely responsible.

The union appealed to the Governor, the Chief Rector of NU and the State Government to look into these issues.

It has been almost two months the university has been functioning without the VC after former VC BK Konwar completed his tenure on September 6, it said and added that the grievances and problems of the students and the university are pending in the absence of the VC. The union strongly believed that the grievances and problems of the students will not go in vain and hoped that the State Government will take action on the matter without delay.

By EMN Updated: Oct 26, 2016 2:20:01 am