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NU staff under heavy fire

By EMN Updated: Aug 06, 2013 10:44 pm

The functioning of the Nagaland University has time and again come under the scanner. However, this time the dereliction, or ineptitude, or negligence of its teaching faculty has just about crossed the limit.
The non compliant attitude of the authorities of the educational institution to the plight of the students are compelling the students to resort to the resources of the media to air their grievances. Something that should have been discussed and resolved within the confines of the University.In an open letter to the controller of examinations, the general secretary of the Nagaland College of Teachers Education (NCTE) Students Union, has stated that the B.Ed batch of 2012 NCTE, Kohima had started its academic session on Feb, 01. Its students appeared for the first semester examination from June 15 to July 05, 2012.
What is appalling is that results of the first semester were declared in February 2013 after six months of the examinations. Results of the second semester (final) examination held from Dec. 10-12 were announced in February 2013 but the date of the final semester was marked June instead and registration numbers were wrongly entered. This in itself is contrary o University Grants Commission (UGC) rule which stipulates that results be announced in sixty days.
Over and above this, many mistakes were found when the students went to collect their mark sheets. The errors were definitely not due to printing mistakes. Also, there were lots of spelling mistakes on the candidates’ names. Candidates who were present in the examinations were marked absent..
In another case, a student who had appeared for his examinations was also marked absent. So he and his brother were directed to go to the NU office near the ADC’s Court, Dimapur where over forty students had also conglomerated for the same complaints. The staff, supposedly on duty, made them wait hours and then the students were told to return after two days. On getting the mark sheet, the student was directed to go all the way to Lumami for re-evaluation thus necessitating unnecessary travel and extra expenditure.
Such lackadaisical attitude of the NU staff at Dimapur and perhaps Lumami and Kohima imply certain negative impressions about those who are supposed to help, guide and encourage our students who are mostly from the middle class and have chosen to attend our very own University for various reasons including financial constraints. A few cases might have been adduced to human error unwittingly but to so affect adversely the hopes and aspirations of so many dozens bodes ill for the future of the incumbent staff of Nagaland University wherever they may be posted be it at Kohima, Lumami or Dimapur. They have lost the trust of not only the students but that of their parents and well wishers.
As it was, the location of Nagaland University headquarters at Lumami was decided upon despite much opposition from far sighted persons and sections. The villagers of Lumami declared donation of their land in the interest of pursuit of education and the potential that the area would also prosper accordingly decided in their favour. What was not foreseen was that it would take much longer for a remote place like Lumami, in spite of good road communication, to bloom or mushroom into a thriving economy.
Meanwhile, how long can the NU keep on playing with the careers of our future generation?

By EMN Updated: Aug 06, 2013 10:44:44 pm