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NTC wants report of judicial enquiry nothing less than truth

By EMN Updated: Mar 08, 2015 11:32 pm

Dimapur, March 8

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) has condemned the reported rape of a local girl by Syed Farid Khan on February 23 in Dimapur.
“Rape is a kind of crime which is barbaric and inhuman. Whoever commits rape is bereft of human mentality but one does it with animal instinct. The rapist is therefore, unfit to cohabit with the civilized human society.”
At the same time, the NTC disapproved the way the mob went in rampage and authoritatively handled the situation on March 5.“Such action in frenzy is a total disregard to the existence of a local administration under the control of our State government. It is imperative for one to realize that none gain anything when our own state administration is battered.”
Media Cell, NTC in a testament said, the NTC understands the importance of neighbours and peaceful coexistence with them.
The NTC appealed to all concerned not to over blow the unfortunate incident or to be swayed away by the recent incident in the interest of all.
Meanwhile, the NTC observed that the reaction of the mob against the recent rape incident may be the tip of the iceberg. Although the Government of India has provided special constitutional provisions for Nagaland to safeguard its interest from outside interference and intrusions, over the years, the statement said, the successive state Governments faltered to uphold and enforce those laws.
Taking advantage of the lackadaisical attitude of the administration and its malleable nature, the unwanted elements have been ruling the roost, the statement said adding, “This has indeed provoked the sentiments of the Nagas of Nagaland and simultaneously resulting in the loss of confidence in administration of the State government. The up-rise of Naga public against a non-Naga rapist on March 5 is the sheer outburst of the lack of public anger against huge presence of foreign nationals and the tacit support given to those by local administration overtly and covertly in Dimapur and elsewhere at the expense of the indigenous Nagas of Nagaland.”
In view of the State administration being in haywire and insensitive to constitutional rights of the indigenous Nagas of Nagaland vis-à-vis the spurt of the public up-rise, the NTC urged upon the State government to ensures the judicial enquiry which reportedly set up to bring out the comprehensive report on the history of the rape in question and the follow up incidents.
The NTC strongly desired to have the truth, nothing less than the truth, about the whole episode in the greater interest of the citizens of the State. “State government henceforth wakes up from its slumber and effectively implements the legal protective laws in regard to the illegal immigrants, ILP (Bengal Eastern Frontier Act) and Land Revenue (amendment) Act of 1978.”

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