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NTC roots for land owners’ rights

By EMN Updated: Nov 01, 2013 12:15 am

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Unfazed by accusing fingers pointed towards its credential, Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) today refused to be cowed down by censureship from certain quarters but reaffirmed to stand on its democratic principles to protect the rights of the Naga landowners. At the same time, it would look into the interests of the minority and maintain gender equality in the Naga society.The resolute outcome of the Naga Tribes Council was made known during the first introductory session-cum-interaction of its members this afternoon which was held in Bookmarc conference hall in Dimapur, on Thursday.
NTC has reiterated to fight for the rights of landowners particularly in relation to exploration/exploitation of natural resources. Its decision that landowners should be the first beneficiaries in the event of exploration of the natural resources was unanimous.
NTC also contended the decision of the State government which reportedly endorsed the Naga Hoho as the nodal agency in the exploration of natural resources with certain cut of percentage out of the total royalty. NTC felt that the benefits of such exploration of natural resources should be accrued to the actual landowners as empowered under Article 371 (A) of the Indian Constitution.
Besides, NTC has taken upon itself the responsibility to look into the welfare of the minority community residing in the Nagaland which also constitutes the very fabric of the Naga society. Furthermore, NTC has also affirmed to work for gender equality in the Naga society.
Asserting NTC as a serious organization with loyal officials determined to bring about positive changes in the society, the members have decided to earn goodwill of the people in rural areas as well and work for the uplift of the Nagas in general.
While foreseeing unaccounted tests and challenges ahead, NTC has decided to take up its tasks undeterred in the interest of the Nagas in general.

By EMN Updated: Nov 01, 2013 12:15:20 am