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NTC happy with SC interim verdict on border issue

By EMN Updated: Oct 15, 2014 1:01 am


Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) while expressing its desire for the chief minister of Nagaland to clarify by himself on the border issue regarding the October 10 report and not by his party, has said today that the interim Supreme Court instruction to Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India as injunction to the two states to mutually settle the issue, is God’s answer to the prayer of Nagaland. “What order of the Supreme Court can be more favourable to Nagaland than this in the circumstances? Nagaland’s wishes have been fulfilled, and that is to decide the issue outside the Court mutually and in peace,” NTC said in a press statement today.
“If the September 24, 2014 Supreme Court interim verdict is true, and in all probability it is true, instructions were sent to the Ministry of Home affairs, Government of India to let the two States decide the case mutually. This interim verdict is a serious setback to the great Assamese hope and conversely a great relief to Naga weariness in the Supreme Court case,” the NTC also said, adding, “This is a great opportunity for Nagaland to immediately take initiative for discussion with Assam”.
According to the NTC, it is of paramount importance for the Chief Minister of Nagaland to do well to gather together the counsel of native Nagaland personals who are experts and well versed with the history of Nagaland’s stand from 1929 through 9 Point Agreement, 16 Point Agreement and through 1972 Agreement to September 24, 2014 Supreme Court interim verdict, to formulate strategies of initiatives for talks with Assam.
“Nagaland needs to be very careful not to be hasty but hammer the iron when it is hot,” it cautioned.
Commenting on the October 10 report, the NTC said if the report on CM’s statement on the Assam-Nagaland border is true, it reflects the dimension and quality of thinking and understanding of the Chief Minister on the border issue. “The CM’s view of diffidence was clarified by NPF party subsequently. However, since the matter is of immense importance, sensitive and quotable for future reference, it is a matter of necessity for the CM himself to give clarification rather than done by his party as such comment is off the mark and self demeaning,” it advised.
Meanwhile, making clear its view on the Assam-Nagaland issue, the NTC said the Nagas originally owned the land since antiquity. It also said the land in question was transferred to British-Assam for better management. NTC then wants that the ancestral land be returned to Nagaland. It also wants that the States of Assam and Nagaland decide the case outside the court in mutual peace.
According to NTC, there are sufficiently reasonable grounds and documentary evidences that support the Nagaland stand. The NTC is confident as far as historical and legal rights are concerned.
After interminable waiting for Nagaland for a mutual solution, Assam went to the Supreme Court with great confidence for an Assamese legal victory over Nagaland, it added.
“Indeed, there was considerable disgust to the undesirable carelessness to the state of Nagaland. Chief Minister of Assam, Mr. Tarun Gogoi, pinning great hope of favourable Supreme Court verdict, showed polite civility but exhibited no enthusiasm for talks with Nagaland for an outside the court settlement,” the NTC press note said.

By EMN Updated: Oct 15, 2014 1:01:40 am