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NTC condemns actions of Adivasis

By EMN Updated: Aug 15, 2014 1:52 am


EXPRESSING concern over the prevailing tension in Ralan area, Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) has vehemently condemned the actions of the illegal migrant Advasis for attacking the Naga villages at Ralan area without any provocation with ulterior motives.
Observing that the present situation has drawn the attention of both the states of Assam and Nagaland, the NTC, in a release today, said the tension prevailing in Ralan area is an issue of tenants and the landlords. “What has provoked the land owners is that the tenant Advisis who are temporary tenants refused to pay tax to the landlords. Instead, they are trying to grab the land by force,” it stated. Stating that the Nagas respect the age-old Naga-Ahom relationship, the NTC stressed that it is important to maintain cordial relationship at all times.
“The Adivasis are neither the original citizens of Assam nor Nagaland State, they are illegal migrants in both states whose nationalities are questionable and are aggressively trying to dominate the area of occupation as citizens of Assam that has fueled the border tension,” the NTC said.
It also attributed the eruption of August 12 disturbance to the unruly illegal migrant Adivasis, saying they organized themselves into gangs and attacked Ronsüyan and Chandalashong ‘B’ village by firing guns and burning houses without any provocation. The NTC also said it is saddened by the approach of the Assam government for encouraging the illegal migrants (Advasis/Bangaladeshis) in Nagaland-Assam border.
It said they are creating constant problems between the two neighbouring states and hampering the age-old relationship which is regrettable.
The NTC said both Nagaland and Assam governments should ensure that the Nagas occupying their own original fields are not disturbed.
Stating that there cannot be any state without territory, the NTC urged the Nagaland government to take steps to protect our historical boundaries. “It is disheartening to observe that Nagaland Govt. was complacent when the recognized Naga villages in Dimapur area were constantly disturbed by miscreants and Assam police personnel,” it added.
As per the latest statement of the Nagaland Home Minister, the government has grasped the Ralang situation well, the NTC said and urged the State government to leave no stone unturned to legally defend our ancestral land from such illegal encroachment. The NTC release was issued by its Media Cell chairman Theja Therieh and member secretary S Rotokha.

By EMN Updated: Aug 15, 2014 1:52:24 am