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NSF seeks public support to tackle illegal immigrants

By EMN Updated: Feb 22, 2015 12:10 am

Kohima, February 21

The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has strongly urged upon each and every Naga to extend cooperation and support to it as well to other students’ bodies, groups or organizations who are working relentlessly to educate the people and at the same time trying to tackle the menace of Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants (IBIs).
NSF president Tongpang Ozukum and finance secretary Shikavi Achumi in a statement here today said “the issue of IBIs as a whole is very sensitive and complex issue; more so because it is Nagas, our own people who are harbouring the IBIs, giving them security and sheltering them at the expense of our future generation”.
Nagas should understand that tackling the issue of IBIs is ‘a battle which Nagas must fight together’ in order to safeguard blood and identity and most importantly to safeguard the future of our younger generation, they said.
The Federation maintained that in order to cleanse the Naga society from the danger, threat and menace of IBIs, every Naga has got certain duties and responsibility. “Be it politician, government officials, church leaders, NPGs, contractors, NGOs and civil societies, village councils or ward/colony leaders, GBs and DBs, we all have to discharge our moral responsibilities in tackling this issue, otherwise Nagas will be fighting a lost battle,” they said.The student leaders asserted that the ongoing tour of entire Naga inhabited areas undertaken by the NSF is not just for ‘name sake’ but it is with a ‘purpose and for a purpose’.
“We are sharing the areas concern with the apex tribal hohos, women organizations, GBs, DBs, business community, town ward and colony leaders and at the same time seeking their constructive suggestions and opinions, support and cooperation in order to effectively tackle this sensitive issue,” the federation said.
The federation also assured to lay a solid foundation; a strong and effective mechanism to effectively tackle the menace of Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants after the ongoing tour is over.
The NSF then said it sincerely appreciated the tireless effort of Survival Nagaland (SN) for sensitizing the people about the threat posed by the presence of IBIs and also constantly highlighting the unlawful activities of the IBIs, crimes and offense committed by these people almost every day under the patronage of ‘our own’ people.
The Federation, while strongly condemning the ‘Naga political groups’ for using the services of IBIs and non-locals in different ranks and files, also questioned the integrity of the NPGs for allowing and accepting people of Bangladeshi origin and non-locals to operate on their behalf.
“If the claim of Nurjahan Hussien as one of the tax collectors of NSCN (I-M) is true, then it is a disgrace to the entire Naga people and Naga political movement,” they said.
The Federation in this connection stated that “Naga people will never agree to fight for our inherent rights with the support of nomads and illegal immigrants; rather, Nagas will choose to fight a lone but honourable battle to achieve our goal”.
Meanwhile, the federation informed that in continuation of the NSF proposed tour, there will be a consultative meeting in Dimapur on February 24 with the Naga Council Dimapur, tribal hohos and Union, Dimapur Naga Mothers’ Association and its constituent units, Dimapur Chamber of Commerce & Industries (DCCI), Dimapur town ward/colony leaders, GBs, DBs, Survival Nagaland (SN) and all the constituent tribal student unions under Dimapur. The proposed meeting will be held at IMC Hall, Supply Colony, Dimapur at 1 pm.

By EMN Updated: Feb 22, 2015 12:10:06 am