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NSF felicitates Nagas HSLC toppers

By EMN Updated: Jul 08, 2017 11:09 pm

Kohima, July 8 (EMN): Twenty-nine Naga toppers in the HSLC examinations 2017 were felicitated in a grand programme organised by the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) with the Chief Engineer of PHED, Kevisekho Kruse, as the guest speaker at De Oriental Grande this morning.
This is the 17th felicitation programme organised by the NSF since it started in the year 2000 to acknowledge and encourage the students.

Er. Kevisekho Kruse, NSF president and toppers pose for a photo during the 17th NSF felicitation programme in Kohima on July 8.

Congratulating the new NSF team, Kruse was optimistic that the new team will bring lot of changes and good things for Nagas. While reminding that NSF has been playing a key role in the affairs of Nagas since its inception, he expressed hope that they will continue to play its role for the good of the Naga society especially on the affairs of the students.
Pointing out that Nagas as a society is growing; Kruse said Nagas need lots of technocrats, scientists and professionals to build up our society. Congratulating the students on their success, he said ‘you are the right materials to do that.’
Stating that education has many segments where academic is only one segment, he queried the students ‘what exactly do you want from education?’ He asserted that education in itself is not enough in merely producing some literate individuals cramped with information and facts to get a job, law abiding citizens etc.
Emphasising on things that are more important in life, Kruse maintained that relationship with the creator, cultivating good character, moral purity, values, personality, trustworthiness, generosity, benevolence and the courage to tell the truth and stand up for the right cause are far greater than the knowledge of facts and information. Without these things, he said ‘life will be worthless.’
He also underlined on the importance of spiritual nourishment, without which, he said a person will be left totally frustrated and empty inside no matter how much he/she may possess earthly wealth and achieve the pinnacle of success.
Kruse also expounded on the need to have a ‘balance personality’ and the ‘completeness of the personality,’ which he said should be a thing to desire by every person. ‘If we cannot manage our life, have self-control and direction in life, academic success alone will not take us very far,’ he said.
Encouraging the students to exploit the immense capacity and potential inside every one of them, Kruse advised them not to be discouraged by the present messy state of affairs but continue to pursue their dreams with optimism. Observing that things are changing, he exuded optimism that better days are coming for the Nagas, where ‘there will be peace and unemployment will be a thing of the past.’
Putting in a word of advice for the students, Kruse said ‘your family, village, tribe, Nagas, country and the world needs you. The world will be a little poorer without you. The world is waiting for you to do something.’
In his presidential speech, Kesosul Christopher Ltu, while congratulating the students, said their hardwork, dedication and perseverance have brought them to this point and a beginning for greater things to come.
Giving a brief highlight on the concept of the felicitation programme for Naga toppers, Ltu maintained that as leaders of tomorrow it is important for the students to know and understand their roots and history as Nagas.
While stating that NSF has initiated and taken forward the aspirations of the Nagas under many banners in the past, he said it would not be right for the students to not know their history, rights, responsibility and aspirations.
Also clarifying on the coinciding of the felicitation programme with the Sumi’s Tuluni festival, Ltu said it was ‘unintentional’.
Earlier, the programme began with Associate pastor, CBCK, Chikhungo Puro invoking God’s blessings which was chaired by NSF vice president, Boveio Poukai Duo.
The toppers were felicitated with citations and wished the best in their future endeavours.

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