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NSF cautions Election Dept on immigrants EPIC

By EMN Updated: Jan 16, 2014 12:37 am


THE apex Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has cautioned the Election Department, Government of Nagaland against issuing of Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) to the illegal immigrants in the recent exercise of certification of de-publication and error correction of Electoral Rolls for Summary Revision 2014.
NSF president Tongpang Ozukum and general secretary Esther Rhakho in a statement today said that at this juncture when Nagas are realizing that the presence of illegal immigrants is a threat to the very social fabric of the Naga society, “we cannot afford to legalize their identity by issuing the EPIC which will surely become a valid document in the near future”.
The NSF also pointed that it is well known to everyone that the indigenous people in Tripura have been marginalized by the outsiders and have become minority in their own ancestral land.
In Assam, illegal immigrants have completely dominated many districts, particularly in the areas bordering Bangladesh which has completely changed the social, cultural and religious practices of the indigenous inhabitants.
“Are we Nagas going to remain a mute spectator when we can see what is happening or are we going to act to save our future? If we remain a silent spectator today then our future generation will regret the unfolding of the annihilation during our life time,” the NSF maintained.
As per the Election Department’s Draft E-Roll 2014, the NSF pointed that nearly one lakh possible duplicate voters have been identified while there are almost the same number of non-local voters with Naga name in every district, particularly in Dimapur.
Therefore, the NSF maintained that it is high time that Nagas must realize the consequence of giving voting rights to the illegal immigrants.
The Federation appealed to the concern department and district administration and all those officials involved for such certification and detection of illegal voters to exercise their authority without fear or favor.
The Federation also warned that Naga future generation will question the treacherous act of any individual, group or organization who tries to protect the illegal immigrants for their selfish interest and benefit at the cost of our future generation.

BJP shares NSF concern on EPIC to illegal migrants


THE Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) Nagaland Unit has strongly opposed for randomly inclusion of illegal immigrants at recent Electoral Rolls for Summary Revision 2014 in Nagaland State. BJYM would like to point out that, impact of E-roll person the one who is become a permanent citizens of the land and even who does have rights to exercise in every section of the administrative with producing such documentary. It is the rights hours to precaution such person enrolled in the list without further delay particularly in Dimapur district, as of now the futures of Nagas upcoming generation would not be free from any circumstances if such sensitive’s issue does not stop immediately. However, BJYM also suggestion to the entire Village/ward Chairman has not to recommend any letter/application to illegal immigrants in any manner.
Infect, as a political party we have seen in many section of Naga society that Naga leaders are misusing similar cases in order to gain their political occupation in the region. Further BJYM assert to the political leaders not to deprive the futures of Naga youngster’s generation. At the same time, appealing to the State Election Department and the districts administration to verify accordingly Model code of conduct (MCC) and those enroll illegal immigrants should be delete from the current list of EPIC immediately.

By EMN Updated: Jan 16, 2014 12:37:12 am