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NSCN/GPRN Notifies on Land Settlement

By EMN Updated: Jun 07, 2017 12:33 am

In the matter of a land dispute case between Mr. Meren Lemtur versus Mrs. Atula Momin at Eralibill Village Dimapur. The undersigned hereby notifies the following facts as stated below:

1. The dispute plot is situated at Eralibill Village, Dimapur covered by patta no: 529. Dag no: 279/686 which has been mutated and separated from patta no. 167 Dag no: 279 on 31/07/2006.

2. The RJB, UT-I has done spot verification and also verified in land record, DC office, Dimapur and basing on the statement of the Chairman and Head GB of Eralibill Village Council. The RJB, UT-I had pronounced its verdict dated 07/09/2015 in favour of Mr. Meren Lemtur. (enclosed verdict order)

3. The undersigned office, on being informed that the Eralibill Village Council has summoned both the parties to court on 4th Mar’2017. The RJB, UT-I intervened and called both the parties along with the Chairman, Head GB and Ex-Chairman of Eralibill Village Council on 04/04/2017. Wherein, (i). The Ex-Chairman & Head GB has cleared their stand as stated on 2015 that, Mrs. Atula Momin does not have any plot in Eralibill Village as per the record maintained by the village council. (ii). The present Chairman also clarified that the Eralibill Village Council has decided not to take up the said case since it is already settled by the RJB,UT, NSCN/GPRN.(enclosed Xerox copy of meeting attendance)

4. On 11/04/2017 Mr Anand Momin, brother of Mrs. Atula Momin has declared on non judicial paper that their parents has sold the plot 28 years back which Mrs. Atula Momin is claiming at present. On witnesses the Head GB, Eralibill Village and Head GB, Ekranipathar Village, has put their signature and seal. (enclosed Xerox copy}

5. Mrs. Atula Momin has applied a succession certificate against that plot in Principal District Sessions Judge (PDSJ), Dimapur, Nagaland. Which objection was filed by Mr. Meren Lemtur and the matter has been trailed by PDSJ on 25/5/2017 and dismissed the issuance of succession certificate in favour of Mrs. Atula Momin. (enclosed cancellation order)

Thus, the undersigned hereby directs Mrs. Atula Momin to strictly comply by the settlement order dated 07 /09/2015 pronounced by the UT-I, NSCN/GPRN authority. Failing which Mrs. Atula Momin shall be penalised an amount of Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakhs) which shall be followed by stringent action . lt is crystal clear that some vested individual(s) is behind Mrs. Atula Momin creating nuisances/ harassment to the rightful owner Mr. Meren Lemtur and trying to snatch the plot of innocent victim by forceful means without any documents and without any concrete reason but just for personal gain which act is highly objectionable by the UT-I, NSCN authority. Therefore, those individual(s) involved trying to create any unwanted situation in that plot shall be equally accounted and shall be penalised as per the Azha of the NSCN/GPRN. Furthermore, any individual dealing the said plot with Mrs. Atula Momin shall be doing at their own risk.

Rangkhamong Anar
Dy. Kilonser
Cum Care Taker C.A.O.
Union Territory

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