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NSCN (R) directs ‘conman’ to surrender

By EMN Updated: Nov 28, 2019 12:11 am

Dimapur, Nov. 27 (EMN): Displeased by the act of an alleged ‘conman’ by the name of Alex Tuccu masquerading as a deputy kilonser of the group and carrying out ‘extortion spree’ in and around Dimapur, the NSCN (R) has directed the person to immediately surrender  before the NSCN authorities within three days ie., on or before November 30 or face action.

An NSCN (R) statement that was issued through its MIP said the action of Alex Tuccu has resulted in huge impact on its ‘image,’ which cannot be tolerated. The NSCN (R) has directed the ‘self-styled character’ to immediately surrender before the NSCN group or face action.

The NSCN (R) suggested family or friends of the ‘elusive conman’ to advise him that ‘surrendering himself on his own volition’ would be best for him so that some “magnanimous gesture, mitigating the penalties” of the crime and damage done to the NSCN might perhaps be considered.

However, it stated that on the expiry of the dateline, the NSCN would leave no stone unturned to hunt him down and initiate ‘stringent and severest’ action against him and for which the NSCN authorities should not be held accountable.

The NSCN (R) also reminded all in concern that there is no ‘Alex Tuccu’ in its folds in both active or primary membership. It therefore stated that whosoever deals with him would be doing so at own risk and should not reflect the ‘image’ of the NSCN (R) in any manner.

By EMN Updated: Nov 28, 2019 12:11:37 am