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NSCN (K) group accuses rival of surrendering Naga sovereignty

By EMN Updated: Oct 26, 2018 11:30 pm

Dimapur, Oct. 26 (EMN): The section within NSCN (K) led by its forsmer president, Khango Konyak has accused Yung Aung—the newly elected, but disputed, leader of NSCN (K)—of  relinquishing the ‘Naga sovereign rights by ceding to Myanmar Union consequent of signing the NCA.’

In a statement issued on Friday, it stated that in June 2018, a delegation led by the chairman of cease-fire committee, Ankan Pangmi reached Nyapidaw and signed the NCA pact with the Myanmar government. “The NCA stipulates that the signatories of the pact cannot under any circumstances secede from the Myanmar union, the demand for independence hence cannot be discussed.

“It further specifies that any dialogue or settlement shall purely be within the bounds of Myanmar constitution and limited to delegation of powers within Myanmar Federation i,e a federal state of Myanmar. Accordingly, the NCA signatories shall also be entitled to economic and developmental packages from the Myanmar government provided that the signatories fully endorses the central authority of Myanmar government over its territories and people.

“It is therefore a brazen act to claim to be still fighting for Naga sovereignty when they have already surrendered to Myanmar Union. The NCA group led by Pangmi renegades must undergo a serious retrospection before accusing others of racist and divisive policies,” it stated.

It claimed that the Pangmi workers, ever since the formation of NSCN, had always been resentful of the NSCN leadership by the west Nagas, “their inherent timidity, short-sightedness and narrow tribalism had always been the bone of contention that resulted in the successive splits of NSCN and recurring fratricides.”

“Despite having been sustained solely by the resources pooled from the West Nagaland, the Pangmi workers were extremely covetous and never allowed the West Nagas to spearhead the Naga struggle, their envy and dubious nature induced them to expel the west Nagas from their inhabited areas for the fourth time during the 38 years of NSCN existence,” the statement read.

By EMN Updated: Oct 26, 2018 11:30:57 pm