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NSCN (K) clarifies news report

By EMN Updated: Nov 07, 2017 9:29 pm

Dimapur, Nov. 7 (EMN): NSCN (K) has issued clarification in connection with the arrest of a person by the Dimapur police involving on September 18 firing incident wherein it was erroneously rendered as Akheto Chopy instead of Hekato Chopy.

NSCN (K) statement through its MIP stated that Hekato Chopy had, for several times, been apprehended by the security agencies on extortion charges all the while claiming to be a Captain or Lieutenant of NSCN and the commander of Dimapur town. The NSCN/GPRN has disowned all the claims whatsoever and informed the concerned authority not to ascribe any of the claims made by the habitual criminal to NSCN/GPRN but award maximum penalty and prevent the offender from committing further anti-social activities.

As ascertained from the Chaplee Ministry, it also clarified that Khumtsa Sumi was never appointed as the secretary of finance but assigned as the finance assistant by the finance in-charge of Dimapur district Brig. Akaho Zhimomi. NSCN (K) has, therefore, authorised Khumtsa Sumi to deal with financial matters in and around Dimapur during the current financial year 2016-17.

By EMN Updated: Nov 07, 2017 9:29:26 pm