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NSCN (IM) should respect the cease fire they agreed to: CFMG

By EMN Updated: Jan 28, 2015 12:35 am


Responding to the statement of the NSCN (IM) issued by the outfit’s ‘ministry of information and publicity (MIP)’ and published on January 24, the Chairman of the Cease Fire Monitoring Group (CFMG) said he is dismayed at the stand taken by the former. “The Chairman’s opinion being labeled one-sided is unfortunate because as the Chairman of the monitoring group it is his duty to take note and point out any violation of the Cease Fire Ground Rules (CFGRs) agreed to by both sides,” the statement of the CFMG said. It also added that with NSCN (IM) ‘blatantly violating’ several Cease Fire Ground Rules the Chairman of the CFMG has to highlight these and take necessary action to raise these issues. “Obviously the NSCN (IM) or any other group does not like its violations to be pointed out. The same is true for the Assam Rifles also,” the statement further said.
It then said that the NSCN (IM) has cast an aspersion on the Chairman’s loyalty to his assigned job, and asked him not to meddle with other subjects. Responding to this, the Chairman CFMG re-emphasized that he is doing his mandated job as expected and pointing out faults/violations, even in the face of any side’s resentment.
On allegation of meddling in other subjects, the statement clarified that all issues raised by CFMG are directly linked to the CFGRs. “Vide Clause (e) of the CFGRs the NSCN (IM) had agreed to act in a manner as not to cause harassment or injury to the civilian population. Vide Clause (i) the group had agreed to prevent intimidation of individuals. Kidnapping, abduction, illegal detention, extorting ransom, issue of threatening summons, diktats etc all come under the purview of harassment and intimidation, and very much under the CFGRs,” the CFMG pointed out.
The CFMG also said it pointed out the illegal taxation and extortion issue because it violates Clause (i) of the CFGRs with NSCN (IM), who themselves had agreed that activities like forcible collection of money would be prevented. “Such activities, clearly violating the CFGRs cannot be overlooked. This clause is most highly violated, directly affecting the well-being of common people of Nagaland in many adverse ways, forcing the CFMG to raise this matter very frequently with specific details,” the CFMG added.
It then clarified that the talk given by the Chairman of CFMG at the seminar on January 21 was concerning the conflict situation in Nagaland and not merely on the CFGRs. “It is in this context that judicial aspects and some other issues were also raised, for example, the NSCN obstructing procedural activities of Nagaland police by harboring and illegally detaining persons accused of murder etc which has a direct impact on the law and order and security situation in the state,” it added.
On the aspect of governance it is true that ideally in a democracy the people govern themselves through their elected representatives without any extra-constitutional interference, the CFMG statement stated.
The Chairman of CFMG then appealed to the NSCN to respect in letter and spirit the CFGRs they themselves had agreed to.

By EMN Updated: Jan 28, 2015 12:35:02 am