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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

NSCN (IM) opens up on alleged ‘mutiny’

By EMN Updated: Apr 04, 2024 11:14 pm

DIMAPUR — Amidst reports of infighting and alleged ‘mutiny’ within its ranks, the NSCN (IM) on Thursday issued a statement, saying that it is poised to confront the challenges with a commitment to transparency and accountability.

In the statement, ‘Maj. Gen.’ HR Shimray, director of Publicity and Information Bureau (PIB), General Headquarters, Naga Army, clarified that the recent events surrounding the ‘military coup’ allegedly stated by the deputy Longvibu (commander-in-chief), ‘Lieut. Gen.’ Absolom Raman on Dec. 7, 2023, where in the Southern Command and Central National Security Command (CNSC) of the Naga Army were disarmed and held captive, represents a serious breach of national security and a blatant act of mutiny.

In response to the incident, the Yaruiwo, “the Supreme Commander of the Defence Forces,” issued a supplementary order on Jan. 26, 2024. This directive instructed Raman to return all offices, properties, cadres and arms belonging to the CNSC, as detailed by the Ato Kilonser, and placed under his direct supervision and that of the Southern Command, Naga Army.

“Furthermore, the Supreme Commander emphasised the imperative to restore Southern Command and CNSC and Ministry of Alee Affairs, (MAA) GPRN in the nation’s interest, under the co-ordination of Longvibu, Naga Army,” it said.

As per the statement, despite the severity of the situation and the earnest efforts to restore harmony and adherence to constitutional norms, certain anti-national elements within the Naga Army, led by Raman, “failed to comply with the orders of the Supreme Commander and have regrettably chosen a divergent path”.

Consequently, an order was issued by the ministry of Keya Affairs, GPRN on March 5, 2024, which sought to ascertain the receipt and acknowledgement of the supplementary order from the supreme commander. “Regrettably, no response was forthcoming, and instead, an open letter was penned by Lieut. Gen. Absolom-MM, MC, Dy. Longvibu, Naga Army along with his only few senior officers with forgeries signatures on March 30, 2024,” it claimed.

In the open letter, Raman and a handful of ‘renegade soldiers’ not only declared their refusal to acknowledge the authority of ‘Lt. Gen.’ Anthony Ningkhan Shimray, the Longvibu of Naga Army, but also propagated baseless accusations and defamatory rumours aimed at tarnishing his leadership and reputation, it added.

“Such actions constitute a grave mistake and demand swift and decisive action by the competent authorities,” it said, noting that the situation at hand necessitates a thorough and impartial investigation to uphold the rule of law and restore order within the Naga Army.

It went on to assert that all other units in India, Burma (now Myanmar), and Bangladesh are remaining as one force.

“While we acknowledge the gravity of the situation, we urge caution against sensationalism and encourage a measured approach in understanding the complexities at play,” it further stated.

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By EMN Updated: Apr 04, 2024 11:14:23 pm
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