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NSCN (IM) ‘kilonser’ accused of beating up Phek youth

By EMN Updated: Sep 09, 2017 12:22 am

Dimapur, Sep. 8 (EMN): The Phek Town Youth Society (PTYS) has accused a top functionary of the NSCN (IM) of beating up a trader and threatening “the life” of another person in Phek town on Thursday last.
A press release from the PTYS on Friday stated that the accused NSCN (IM) leader, Thupuvezo Keyho, a ‘kilonser’ and also a member of the outfit’s steering committee member, beat up the trader and threatened another “in a drunken state”.
According to the statement, he was accompanied by one Kishore Singh when the incident happened. “It may be mentioned that both the culprits are habitual offender(s) of Phek Town for the past years in spite of their assurance (sic) to refrain from indulging in the anti-social activities.
“The public of Phek Town condemned the unbecoming action meted out by a person in the rank of a kilonser. The public resolved that such action will not be tolerated by anybody and further asked the NPGs to refrain from enrolling the ill behaviored (sic) people into their fray.”
It also warned that if Keyho were to be found indulging in similar activities in the future, the public of Phek town would “levy the stringent action upon him.”
“In connection to this, the public of Phek Town have filed an FIR against the culprit at police station Phek. It further requests the concern authority (sic) to deliver an appropriate judgment to the culprit.
“Furthermore, the public warns the NPGs who had been collecting cow taxes (sic) from the dairy farmers or any other taxes from the public. It warns that anybody failing to abide by the resolution will be doing so at their own risk.”

By EMN Updated: Sep 09, 2017 12:22:22 am