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NSCN-IM irked with CFMG Chairman

By EMN Updated: Sep 03, 2013 1:30 am


IN a statement released to the press the NSCN (IM) expressed its apprehensions that the interpretation of the ‘agreed ground rules’ is not being adhered to by the Cease fire Monitoring Group. The statement said that respect, commitment and confidence are key to finding lasting solutions and could pave the way to resolve problems that may arise while monitoring the ‘agreed ground rules’ between GOI and the NSCN.The release states the priority as assured to the GOI by the NSCN leadership is to secure the security of the environment. However amongst other unfortunate developments the ‘deliberate or willful press communiqué from the office of the Chairman Cease fire Monitoring Group’ is being done to confuse the people at large. The statement goes on to clarify that the ‘law of the land’ is not applicable in the context of the Nagas as long as the agreed term and essence of ‘the peace talks is between two separate entities’ is being upheld and adhered to.
Therefore the statement says the ‘question of subjective application to abide by any unilateral terms on the part of the GOI on the NSCN is itself irrational and irrelevant’. The release questioned the intent of the Chairman of the CFMG in interpreting the terms and agreements of the cease fire ground rules. It states that ‘acceptance to the constitution of India is one, but to resolve the conflict through active bilateral agreement and participation is vastly different. There are no such ‘similarities’ and the need for interpreting in different terms does not at all arise. There exists a vast difference between unilateral and bilateral agreements. Trying to equate the NSCN with others who have accepted ‘Indian terms’ will keep away our participation in the coming meeting of CFMG, unless the chairman make his position very clear’.
The statement further laments the ‘lack of respect GOI has displayed through its different agencies, towards the hard earned and mutually accepted terms between the NSCN leadership and the GOI. The release warned that the ‘imposition of unilateral terms and conditions to dislodge vital agreed terms between the NSCN and the GOI and the issuance of security instructions to NSCN especially the ‘special identity card’ holders to ensure fair Indian elections ,can be disastours’. The release also states that the directives to the NSCN collective leaders in the past is beyond the ambit of the ‘agreed ground rules’. The release also drew attention to the mutually agreed condition in the ceasefire mechanism that press statements either from the GOI and the NSCN should be ‘strictly refrained’ and problems which occur could be addressed during any CFMG meetings.
The press note ends with reiterating the concept of the Chairman of the CFMG, that it was set up with a sole purpose to making the ‘cease fire more effective and to create a proper and conductive atmosphere for a peaceful and meaningful political dialogue.’ He is not to frame or dismantle any terms or conditions apart from what was first bilaterally agreed upon between the two entities. He is, for the larger interest of lasting resolution, advised to adhere to the mutually agreed terms and conditions’.

By EMN Updated: Sep 03, 2013 1:30:30 am