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NSCN (IM) & IAS Sema

By EMN Updated: Sep 20, 2014 10:32 pm

Prof. G.T. Thong, Nagaland University

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]r. Khekiye K. Sema (KKS) recently expressed his concern of the present scenario at the Jamia Milia Islamia; the talk of his full paper was published in some of the local dailies. The NSCN (IM) immediately launched a vitriolic attack, accusing KKS of bringing a confused ending, which is more damaging to the NNM. As one sees it, his article was plain and simple. The ACAUT too have been intimidated on various occasions by some factions for their strong views on the unethical behaviour of the numerous splinter groups fighting each other for the same solution. If the various factions rein in extortion (the only major industry in Nagaland) and sit across the table, minus their guns, and work it out like normal human beings, we will have peace and harmony, which is exactly what the FNR and ACAUT are desperately trying to hammer out. The MIP (NSCN-IM) also directly blamed all factions, of course absolving themselves, for the present imbroglio in the Naga situation. This holier-than-thou attitude is the simple reason why unity eludes the warring factions today. Without exception, all have blood on their hands. They all need to humbly climb down from their lofty perches and embrace each other, in TRUE Christian spirit, for a permanent and lasting solution.
The agenda of the ACAUT is to cleanse Nagaland of the filth that has permeated society due to the highly illegal activities of, besides others, the NPG’s, which includes extortion, ransom kidnapping, confinement & torture, murder, assassinations, contract killings, etc. “Nagaland for Christ” is blasphemously printed on Extortion Notes and money exacted through the barrel of the gun. One can almost see the grimace on the face of the Good Lord.However, through all these trials and tribulations of the common man and vain) the Church has remained wilfully silent. Their whole effort is consciously concentrated on the NLTP Act; hopefully the NBCC has no suicide squad this time round, to shove the Act down the Governments’ throat again. Please, Hon’ble Members of the State Legislature, the sixty of you have been elected to deliberate and implement exactly such problems and not pass it to the public domain to debate and argue till eternity. We hope that you have that much of self-respect and trust in yourselves that you will not be coerced or intimidated by any organisation.
One wonders how long the threat tactics will continue till the people are free of the yoke of extortion. The direct consequence of the greed of the NPG’s and others today is abnormally high prices, which has resulted in the great majority of our population not having enough food and the basic amenities. The ACAUT was formed by some conscientious individuals to rid Nagaland of the scourge of extortion, nepotism, corruption, etc. that has afflicted our society. However, this small group of individuals have been intimidated and harassed to no limit.
There are some dynamic young writers such as Al Ngullie, Kekhrie Yhome, et al., who have enriched our lives through their writings. We really loved reading your interesting articles, which came from your genuine concern for the huge neglected Naga population. We hope it is the work pressure and not FRIENDLY visits by our “Dear Brothers in Arms” that you have (temporarily) stopped writing. The small ACAUT, which is thankfully growing steadily has a huge agenda, but requires more support, both vocal and physical. Let’s all join hands to strengthen the ACAUT. Come on YOUNGER GENERATION, all the risks being taken by these few individuals is for your future. Wish we had a few more Watinaros to fight this injustice that is destroying Naga Society.
However, some queries and a humble suggestion to the ACAUT, if I may? Why target only the NPG’s? Is corruption lesser in the State Government setup? The Legislature, Bureaucracy, Judiciary, and other wings of the Government are equally, if not more corrupt, and where nepotism, tribalism, etc. are openly practised. Why not broaden the ambit of your focus to all forms and places of corruption. Nagaland is crying for a total Revolution.
Each faction claims the unflinching support of the masses, and further always adds that their faction is the only group with public mandate. It would really be interesting if we had a plebiscite on this matter today, but … minus the AK 47.

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