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Thursday, March 23, 2023

NSCN (IM) flays Assam Rifles’ excess

By EMN Updated: Mar 17, 2019 11:05 pm

Dimapur, March 17 (EMN): The NSCN (IM) has accused the Assam Rifles of turning into ‘cantankerous force’ which takes pleasure in projecting NSCN as the culprits of any given incident. It, however, stated that Naga civil societies refused to have Assam Rifles have its own way but let the truth stand out as it matters the interest of public welfare.
It pointed out one glaring instance in Chandel on March 13, where a woman of dubious character connected with drug trafficking was arrested by the NSCN for interrogation as pleaded by local civil society organisations. NSCN stated that following the incident, two of its cadres were arrested by 18 Assam Rifles accusing them of kidnapping the woman after the information was passed by members of the arrested women.

NSCN through its MIP stated that its cadres were overpowered by surprise but never reacted in any violent manner and let AR have its own way in keeping with the spirit of the on-going Indo-Naga political talks.

It added that within no time, Chandel civil society organisations raised alarm against the Assam Rifles for wrongly projecting the arrested NSCN members as kidnappers. It maintained that NSCN, as people-based revolutionary organisation, is consciously apprehensive of people’s well-being and never fail to act against any anti-social elements. It accused the Assam Rifles of going against NSCN to dampen the very spirit that goes to build peaceful social environment.

NSCN also pointed out that Thiluxu incident was another desperate attempt by Assam Rifles to bring bad name to NSCN. It stated that its deputy kilonser, Kakito Zhimomi, along with two other persons who are his tenants at his Thiluxu house were arrested without any reason.

It alleged that his licensed .22 rifles was also taken away but was given back at the time of his release as Assam Rifles could not substantiate anything illegal against him.

In the face of Assam Rifles’ high handedness as seen in those two incidents, NSCN stated that the truth always come out in strength to rescue the good name of NSCN.

By EMN Updated: Mar 17, 2019 11:05:00 pm