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NSCN (IM) condemns Amit Shah’s statement in Parliament

By EMN Updated: Dec 08, 2021 11:55 pm

Says blood and political talks can’t go together

Dimapur, Dec. 8 (EMN): The NSCN (IM) has taken a strong exception to Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s recent statement in the Parliament on the Oting killing incident.

“Truth be told that there was no signal to stop the pick-up van of the coal labourers as mentioned by Amit Shah in Parliament,” it said in a press statement, while citing personal account by one of the survivors of the incident.

The group said that Shah was expected to show political maturity and practical statesmanship in order to cool down the socio-political upheavals in such a situation instead of rubbing salt in the wound when Nagas are mourning in solidarity with the Konyak community.

It said the Nagas have had bitter taste of this “notorious” AFSPA and spilled enough blood.

“Blood and political talks cannot go together. The Nagas can no longer be made the laughing stock in the eyes of the world. No political talks will be meaningful under the shadow of AFSPA. Let human dignity take control and be made an integral part of the Naga political peace process,” read the statement.

Stating that the Oting killing has become a threat to Nagas’ longing for a political solution, the NSCN (IM) said “enough is enough” on the atrocities meted out to the Naga people.

It went on to say that to serve justice to the Naga people and the victims, the government of India should immediately repeal AFSPA, probe the Oting incident transparently and prosecute the guilty.

By EMN Updated: Dec 08, 2021 11:55:56 pm