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NSCN (IM) asks Karbis to stop aggression

By EMN Updated: Jan 11, 2014 11:30 pm

Dimapur, January 11

Referring to the recent incident leading to killing of innocent Rengma Nagas, burning of houses and granaries, destroying of properties, making thousands to flee from their homeland and rendering them homeless by the Karbis as an act of aggression, Ministry of Kilo Affairs NSCN (IM) has asked the Karbis and their militant groups to stop the act of aggression on the Rengma Nagas immediately.A statement issued by kilo kilonser TT Among said the Karbi-Rengma Naga conflict is an outcome of a hegemonic power sought by the Karbis on the Rengma Nagas and others. It said the Rengma Nagas have never created a deliberate situation in the region at any time including the recent turmoil wherein they have been aggressed upon by the Karbis and its militants thereby rendering many homeless.
The statement also said Rengma Nagas have been living there since time immemorial unquestionably and nobody could challenge that fact – the fact of their historical association with the land in which they are now proves their indigenous identity.
“The relentless design of the Karbis to suppress the Rengma Nagas and other people in the region is a reality. It is clear that the aggression of the Karbis on the Rengma Nagas led to this recent conflict,” the statement said.
Stating that Nagas thus far have not interfered or created any problems with the Karbis or with others, it said the two communities must have mutual respect for each other’s identity and history. It also cautioned that if such act of honour is not practiced, Nagas cannot remain silent spectators.
Meanwhile, it has expressed displeasure over the Assam government for turning blind eye and pretending to be unaware when innocent people are being murdered and thousands rendered homeless. Stating that such callous attitude of the Assam government should be condemned by one and all, it has also expressed concern over the heavy militarization of the area which could be detrimental to the security of the people particularly the Rengma Nagas in that area.
It further urged the Assam government to activate and restraint the Karbis and their militants from creating further unwarranted situation in the region, adding it must establish the ‘rule of law’ and take immediate steps to initiate confidence building measure without delay.

By EMN Updated: Jan 11, 2014 11:30:55 pm