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NSCN-IM asked to surrender 7 accused in Pachaspura killings:CFMG

By EMN Updated: Feb 13, 2014 11:04 pm

Request for replacing  Mukalimi camp denied 

Kohima, February 13

THE NSCN(IM) was today asked to hand over the seven alleged accused involved in the murder of nine Karbis in Pachaspura in Dimapur district on December 28, 2013.The bodies of the victims all men in their early 20’s including Karbi student leader was accidentally discovered on January 3, 2014, after laborers reported a foul smell in the area to the police. This request was made by the chairman of the Cease Fire Monitoring Group (CFMG), Lt Gen (Retd) N K Singh, at a closed door meeting of the CFMG and Cease Fire Supervisory Board (CFSB) held at Hotel Millennium today. The meeting the first in 2014,was held after a gap of six months. The other government representatives included DGP Besesayo Kezo, Inspector General Assam Rifles (North) MM Naravane, Col GS IGAR(N) Col Manuhar Sharma, DIG CRPF Amit Paneja and Commissioner Temjen Toy while the NSCN-IM team included convenor K Chawang, secretary Gotin Anal, joint secretary Qhetoyi Swu, deputy kilonser G Tokishe, member Kiyezhe Sumi, Sh. Muinao and KC Ayo.
Talking to media-persons Singh said that the involvement of the NSCN-IM has come to light following the arrest of three of the alleged accused persons.
“I have conveyed to the NSCN-IM to hand over the other absconding seven accused to the police so that the law and take its own course of action,” he said, adding that the seven accused are reportedly hiding in the outfit’s headquarters at Camp Hebron, Dimapur.
However the NSCN-IM has reportedly maintained that it is not bound to hand over the accused to the police but they would discuss the issue with their top leaders .The chairman CFMG remarked that the fall out of the clash between the Rengma Nagas and Karbi people in Assam, is an unfortunate episode but at the same time the killing of nine Karbis could not be overlooked. Moreover providing safe haven to such accused persons is in violation of the cease fire ground rules, he added.
The Chairman also handed over the names of the three arrested accused persons – Kapungkhoi Moi (37) s/o Aphang Moi of Phalee village, Somdal village, Ukhrul district, Manipur; Ranchan Tuithang (29) s/o Yaomi Tangkhul, Kashung village, Kassom Khullen, Ukhrul district, Manipur and Ashuyi Rengma (21) s/o Late Lokong Rengma of Lola Shunyu village, Borpathar, Karbi Anglong district, Assam.
The names of the seven accused evading arrest and hiding in Camp Hebron are: Keyhang Rengma, Chairman/c-in-c CNRH/NRHPF; Zensinlo Rengma, Finance in-charge/PRO, NRHPF of Chongpha village, Karbi Anglong; Gwani Rengma, NRHPF cadre, Sukujani village, Borlangsi Karbi Anglong, Assam; Joseph Rengma, NRHPF cadre; Tenyenseng Rengma, Home i/c NRHPF, Lola Shunyu village, Borpathar, Karbi Anglong; Lasto Rengma, NRHPF cadre, Lola Shunyu village, Borpathar, Karbi Anglong and Kishang Rengma, Lola Shunyu village, Borpathar, Karbi Anglong.

CFMG negates NSCN(IM) request to replace Mukalimi camp

THE Chairman CFMG Singh said the NSCN-IM had requested the approval for a designated camp within Zunheboto district following the over running of its designated camp at Mukalimi by irate public on December 30 last. The Mukalimi camp was surrounded for two days and attacked by an irate public following the molestation of taxi passengers including a lady missionary enroute to Zunheboto by NSCN(IM) cadres on December 21, 2013.
The stand- off between the public and the NSCN(IM) claimed two lives and several injured.
However, the request was turned down and that the NSCN (IM) was told they be required to manage their cadres in the remaining eight designated camps, Singh said.
Other areas discussed with the group concerned issues of increasing iincidents of public harassment, intimidation and illegal taxation specially in Dimapur district. Singh said the NSCN(IM) have been asked to stop all such activities.
He also revealed that the NSCN(IM) raised points about the Assam Rifles coming close to Camp Hebron, wherein it was clarified that as per the CFGR the security forces can move up to a distance of one km. In order to make it more effective, he said that NSCN(IM) have been asked to demarcate some points within the periphery of the camp to measure the distance.
He said that the NSCN(IM) has also requested the CFMG to take up the problem of Rengma Hills with the Government of India, which he asserted to do so.
Later, another closed door cease fire supervisory board meeting was also held with representatives of GPRN/ NSCN led by CFSB convenor C. Singson and other three.
Discussions were held on the frequent inter-factional killing between the GPRN/NSCN and NSCN(K), besides serving of illegal extortion notes and other issues concerning the violation of cease fire ground rules.
He said that the GPRN/NSCN has been directed not to involve in extortion activities and also avoid the inter-factional clashes besides restricting their cadres from moving in public places with weapons.
He also said that the NSCN had expressed displeasure over the recent encounter between is cadres and Assam Rifles in Tizit.
Singh also informed that the same meeting was also supposed to be held with NSCN(K) but due to some unavoidable circumstances it was not possible.

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