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Monday, May 29, 2023

NSCN/GPRN: Open Letter to the Nagas

By EMN Updated: Jul 03, 2019 10:47 pm

Firstly, I bring greetings to the beloved and blessed people of our beautiful Naga Nation. It would be inadequate on my part if I do not acknowledge the many contributions and blessings that the wonderful people of the Naga Nation has bestowed on the sacred struggle for sovereignity which we still vow to carry on despite the many odds. I also thank the Naga Nation for the consistent and unceasing prayers that have sustained us till date.

Today, I would like to share a few thoughts and facts with our Naga brothers and sisters living in the rest of the Naga inhabitated areas other than the eastern regions regarding the present scenario of our struggle.

1. The Myanmar government approached the NSCN/GPRN to formulate a ceasefire agreement in the year 2012, which the government agreed and accepted in good faith and spirit for the welfare of the people.
2. Later on, the Myanmar government hypocritically overran the Council Headquarter at Taga, at the behest of the Fascist Indian government by pumping in money and arms into the Myanmar army.
3. The Myanmar mercenary army again proceeded to burn down the General headquarter twice, but the Naga army did not retaliate for the sake of peace we dearly held.
4. The Myanmar mercenary army even bombarded the civilian areas mercilessly in the Konyak region with artilleries and mortar fires and also arrested 5 ( five) members of Peace Committee from the Laison office, Khamti. Then, the mercenaries burned down the Konyak region headquarter and the 3rd Brigade headquarter.
5. Our sacred government still stand by the Plebicite of 1956 and is totally against the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement ( NCA) of the Fascist Myanmar govt and will never compromise or sign unless the Nagas consent to it.
6. The government is still strong and intact under the able leadership of His Excellency, the President. As such, the government is growing more matured and stronger under His Excellency, who has come in with an ocean of experience and unquestioned integrity, and with the unflinching support of many dedicated Nagas and with the prayerful blessings of the Naga nation, though the adversaries have tried to break our resolute.
7. The sacred govt is also fortunate to have leaders from the western, southern and the northern regions besides the very brave and dedicated leaders from the eastern sectors, in the likes of the visionary and fatherly figure Lt.Gen. Nikki Sumi, the deputy CNC who have sacrificed immensely leaving behind all the comfort despite the enemies bounding the family and tarnishing his reputation.
8. During the initial years of our sacred struggle, the Naga pioneers from the western region promised the Naga brothers and sisters a “ONE SOVEREIGN NATION”. Now, where is the promised made to the Naga nation? Except for a few dedicated and faithful Nagas why have the Naga brothers especially from the western region abandoned our brothers in the east forgetting the promises for “ ONE SOVEREIGN NATION” and also the sacrifices made by the countless martyrs. Let us not forget, we have our future generations who will read our history between the lines.

Let us remove the narrow domestic classifications between the eastern, western, or southern Nagas for the sake of “ ONE SOVEREIGN NATION” under our Supreme God Almighty.

Despite of all the constraints, the valiant Naga army is fully prepared to face any eventualities both internal and external. Let it also be known that no one should take our patience and restraints as weaknesses.

As our sacred struggle cannot survive without the support and prayers of the Naga nation we humbly request all to extend your utmost concern , love and prayers in this trying times.

God bless our Naga nation.

Imti Imchen
Deputy Kilonser
N.S.C.N/ G.P.R.N

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