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Tuesday, February 07, 2023

NPP takes potshot at Nagaland government over committee on Naga issue, price rise

By EMN Updated: Jun 12, 2021 8:31 pm

Dimapur, June 12 (EMN): National People’s Party (NPP) on Saturday accused the state government of constituting a committee of ‘exclusivity’ to pursue the Naga political issue and demanded the core committee be comprised of representatives from all the political parties and apex civil organisations irrespective of political affiliations.

The NPP questioned the state government about the basis for the formation of such an exclusive group for the ongoing peace talk between the GoI and NSCN, which it said “is not a matter to be taken lightly nor is it a political party formation that only certain likeminded views and opinions are heard of”.

“This is also not the struggle of one organisation alone nor is this a struggle of the elected political parties only,” it said.

The party also reminded the relevance of ‘historical reality’ as mentioned by the NSCN in a recent press statement.

“It is not merely a question of numbers and dates, rather the soul of Naga freedom struggle lies in its historical reality. It is appalling as to how the state government does not retaliate the misinterpreted struggles of our past realities by the BJP. As stated, it is first of all the utmost priority to accept the reality of the past Naga struggle and the historical evidence that has surmounted to this present scenario. There can be no real solution to any matter when the core problem is swept under the rug to make their selfish ends meet through manipulation,” it read.

It further asserted that it was important for the core committee to shed truthful light on the issues without ‘lustre shadowing the original issue’.

NPP also proposed that the core committee should consist of several organisations and there should be numerous deliberations with proper sitting along with all freedom fighters before coming to a decision.

“And not only trying to appease or eye wash the public by calling upon a few meetings and trying to show concern just before election or during rough weathers. No one party or organisation can fully comprehend the extensive decade long struggle and neither is it correct in any matter to single out one group/organisation for the task,” read the statement.

Price hike

NPP also questioned the state government on measures taken on the price rise in fuel and other commodities.

“The state government should be aware by now that due to prolonged lockdown in the state, it is the common people that are suffering the most without any aids,” it said.

The party suggested the government scrutinise the prices, while terming it ‘irrational and irresponsible behaviour’ to extend the lockdown without coming up with any provisional measures to curb the rising issues as a consequence of the prolonged lockdown.

“What is the strategy of the state government to help the needy and the unfortunate citizens who are facing threats of unemployment due to prolonged lockdown? Why is there a huge price difference in almost all items between our immediate neighbouring state, one of which is just a walking distance? Who is manipulating these games and why? Who should come to the rescue of the public? What about the children who are losing precious years of their educational development?,” it asked.

By EMN Updated: Jun 12, 2021 8:31:07 pm