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NPP suffers from selective amnesia, says NDPP

By EMN Updated: Jun 09, 2020 7:35 am

Dimapur, June 8 (EMN): The ruling Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) has suggested that its former ally, the Nagaland unit of National People’s Party (NPP), could be suffering from selective amnesia.

In a statement issued on Monday, the NDPP said that the NPP has completely failed to appreciate and recognise the herculean task the government functionaries along with all frontline workers are facing to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic and placement of thousands of returnees from outside the state in the last few weeks.

It stated that the government, with the support of all sections of society, has managed to lodge, transport and segregate the overwhelming number of returnees according to their health status.

“Very shortly, we shall be increasing drastically the number of test facilities and the backlog shall be handled judiciously. And it will only be in the fitness of things if responsible political parties including NPP, if at all it is one, stop burying their heads in the sand and start to appreciate the positive aspects taking place in the face of this pandemic which has taken mankind by surprise,” read the statement.

According to the NDPP, the NPP appears to be “scared of its own shadow; seeing apparitions where there are none; and sensing threats in calls concertedly to work for the betterment of the society!”

On the issue of two former NPP legislators merging with NDPP, it stated that the former was well aware of the web of contradictions it is trapped in. “During the last parliamentary and bye-elections to the 26th Aonglengden assembly constituency, the PDA had unanimously resolved to set up consensus candidates in both the elections as a mark of solidarity and unity of the PDA so that the alliance could continue to work unitedly and collectively.

“Former NPP sate unit president and elder brother of the present president was a signatory of this decision, however, when the PDA was in a position to announce its consensus candidate, the NPP made a ‘U’ turn and decided to field its own candidates. This left its two MLAs in a dilemma and quandary as to whether to support the PDA candidates or its own party candidates as both of them were advisors in the PDA government. Their appeals to the party to reconsider its decision of fielding candidates went unheard since the party was adamant despite its realistic chances of doing well, leave alone win. The MLAs were therefore compelled to make their own decision. The rest is history, and the people know very well how the party performed,” it stated.

The NDPP appealed to all sections of the society to avoid indulging in blame games during these trying and difficult times when the state along with the rest of the world is combating the global pandemic of Covid-19.

“Let us not to create panic situation but rather encourage, co-operate and support those working tirelessly on the ground who are giving their best in tackling the pandemic. The up-gradation of medical facilities in all districts is on a war footing, which is most crucial at this moment.

“Though there have been lapses and shortcomings, we are confident that appropriate steps and measures have been undertaken and that the government machineries will continue to correct and improve wherever necessary. Today, we have become too liberal in blaming the government for everything. The people’s government failing in its statutory duties calls for immediate rectification, but cannot be blamed for everything, let alone asking for the people’s mandated head of state to step down every time we feel things are not going to our liking. This is not how a matured society functions,” it stated.

By EMN Updated: Jun 09, 2020 7:35:00 am