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NPP Nagaland affirms to fight corruption

By EMN Updated: Jun 11, 2020 8:05 pm

Dimapur, June 11 (EMN): Nagaland unit of the Nationalist People’s Party (NPP), while affirming its resolve to fight against any corruption and mismanagement of public fund irrespective of any government, has iterated that it was not directly against the government but against wrong implementation of policies and steps.

NPP Nagaland’s statement through its media cell maintained that it has the bounden right and duty to bring to fore the anomalies that were detected in the government’s policies especially in the management of the present Covid-19 crisis.

Attributing the Tuensang and Peren fiasco to the mismanagement of the government-run quarantine centres, NPP Nagaland stated that it had received several reports where majority of the inmates was not been tested till date despite completing 18-day stay at quarantine centres.

Also referring to reports of inmates from government-run quarantine centres complaining about half-cooked and poor quality food and sub-standard accommodation, NPP Nagaland has pointed to negligence on the part of government to handle in a professional manner.

In sharp contrast, it stated that quarantine centres run and managed by tribal and private organisations including the churches without any assistance from the government are providing accommodation and food of the best quality with limited resources.

“If right steps are not taken up by the government to look into the grievances of these organisations, very soon they will give up due to lack of cooperation from the government and also due to acute negligence in terms of timely and adequate testing,” NPP Nagaland cautioned.

With regards to the numerous trains coming to Dimapur from outside the state, NPP Nagaland has requested the government, especially the Dimapur district administration to work out a clear-cut plan of action so that the public is not affected. It suggested localised restriction of movement including the periphery of the Dimapur railway station and its suburbs as there is no logic behind total restriction.

It requested the concerned department to work out a modality with the railway department to ensure that trains arrive at Dimapur only after 3 pm as the shops are closed after 2 pm under the existing rules.

Further, on the 26 Aonglenden assembly constituency debacle, NPP Nagaland clarified that its former intending candidate from the said constituency was fielded without seeking approval from the then NPP state president or from any of the senior members of the state party. During an internal investigation, it was discovered that the malicious intention of one of the party’s poll in-charges who spearheaded and took the entire responsibility of the 26 Aonglenden assembly constituency, the release stated.

Even as the question remains to be answered, it wondered what motivated the PDA government to later on appoint the said candidate as the chairman of Nagaland Hotels Limited.

By EMN Updated: Jun 11, 2020 8:05:00 pm