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NPF youth wing responds to minority NPF youth wing

By EMN Updated: Mar 02, 2015 12:01 am

We are releasing this statement in gratitude to the self exposure of minority NPF youth wing press bureau that was carried by the local dailies on 28 February. “Purana sathi khan hosa khota kuatoh bishi kushi paishe”.
First thing first, minority CM T.R. Zeliang will expand the DAN Ministry at the right time and pick the right person because he is yet to empty the State coffer. Moreover, it will take him some time to completely drain the State coffer and transfer to his foreign accounts which are open in fictitious names.
Secondly, with regard to the induction of right person as Cabinet Minister, yes, you are absolutely right because Zeliang will only and only induct the members from his syndicate group and yes man. Every second is too precious a time and legislatures should work around the clock but why this yardstick is overlooked when it comes to expansion of DAN Ministry? It has been more than 2 months and expansion of DAN is yet to see the light of the day.
In electoral democracy we cannot afford to have 2 set of rules and this endless sermon of press bureau is ridiculous and a bunch of contrasting stand.
Thirdly, with regard to the so called confinement, numbers of majority NPF Legislature party are working from a safe place in order to insulate and prevent them from the abduction by the elongated hands and fishing hooks of Shurhozelie Ex- President and T.R. Zeliang minority CM and to escape from the horse trading carried out relentlessly by the minority CM T.R. Zeliang. The 5 February historic mandate was for the DAN Government and please remember that they did not cast even a single vote to minority CM T.R . Zeliang. Shurhozelie is no more the President of NPF since he was removed by a vast majority of NPF primary members on 12 January and by an overwhelming majority. Unanimously Noke Wangnao the senior most NPF Legislature was elected as the new NPF President. In order to have a robust democracy and to fulfill the legal obligation of the constitution of India,Zeliang should immediately expand the DAN Ministry.
Naga people voted for a DAN Alliance in 2013 election and the mandate was unprecedented. Now Naga people have every right to demand for the expansion of DAN Ministry by the simple fact that the minority CM cannot retain over 40 top and key departments out of 70 odd departments.
Since the fate of NPF is in the Hon’ble Court of ECI, we sincerely appeal to the general public not to panic but have some patience. We swear and promise that good days are coming and we assure that we will deliver a transparent, fair, equal and people-centric governance.

Media Cell NPF Youth Wing.

By EMN Updated: Mar 02, 2015 12:01:53 am