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NPF-NPCC war of words

By EMN Updated: Aug 05, 2013 11:45 pm

A few nights ago, officials of UT-1 of the NSCN(IM) deported two non-local alleged sex workers from Hong Kong market, GS (Gurmukh Singh) Road, Dimapur to Assam. These sex workers were aged 20 and 26 years (names withheld., Kilonser team caretaker CAO of ITU-1, Lt. COL Ape Venuh has conveyed that NSCN(IM) has taken up the task of making the Naga society free from social evils such as, prostitution and sale of IMFL among other aims and objectives.NSCN(IM) is in a 15-year ceasefire with Government of India (GOI), and its intentions are not without merit. What concerns the average citizen, however, is the foray of the NSCN(IM) curbing into social issues like prostitution and the sale of alcohol despite Prohibition being in force. To laud court verdict against rapists is fine but to enter into the State police and Excise area of operations gives the impression that the organization is trying to run a parallel Govt. It has been already doing so by collecting taxes on consumer items which are passed on to the Naga public.
To the average man on the street who is unaware of the nitty gritty of the “political talks” behind closed doors the wait for even a constructive hint of the nature of the negotiations has been disappointing, even exasperating.
On which ground is the case for Naga political rights not holding water with the Centre? Could it be that there is a realization amongst the powers that be that there are other voices along with that of the NSCN(IM)? That contrary to previous belief NSCN(IM) alone cannot claim to be the only voice of the Naga people.
In this context, the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) was constituted. The State Govt. did extend logistical support since its inception but in no way has it ever tried to influence its decision. Leaders of FNR continue to get together every few months to advocate unification of all the rival factions. In recent times such factional clashes have reduced considerably but not stubbed out.
The NPF-led DAN Govt. has reiterated time and again that it was willing to step aside in the event of a solution being arrived
Home minister G. Kaito Aye has explained the reluctance of the State Government to step in regarding “underground related violence” as the groups are engaged in a ceasefire with Govt. of India (GoI).
His predecessor, Imkong Imchen, had also reiterated a similar inability saying that the issue was “political.”
Home Minister Aye also refuted the allegation by the NPCC that NPF-led DAN Govt. had failed to maintain law and order. But he said that there was need to familiarize the underground cadres with the ground rules of ceasefire. The NPCC has described this as a “naïve approach.” It pointed out that “the real problem relating to factional clashes lies elsewhere.”
Nevertheless, Kaito has maintained that GoI say that the ongoing political negotiation is positive.
These platitudes from the centre have been a long time coming. Time then for the war of words to cease between the political parties and inform the public of the depth of waters that the Naga political issue is in today.

By EMN Updated: Aug 05, 2013 11:45:37 pm