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NPF condemns NPCC bandh

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THE NPF has condemned the Dimapur bandh called by the NPCC today, describing it as “anti-democratic” that reflected the “hooligan nature” of the Congress party and its leaders in Nagaland. It was not voluntary in any manner but rather violence, terror and fear psychosis were forced upon the people to undemocratically impose the bandh,” NPF press and media bureau said in a release today. “Therefore, the question of a successful bandh does not arise. It is a fact that majority of the Naga people are against the Congress party and the NPF-led DAN government has the support and mandate of the vast majority,” the release said.
The attitude and negative designs of the Congress party have been put out in the open for everyone to see. The forceful enforcement of the bandh was led by the CLP leader Tokheho and NPCC President S.I. Jamir who themselves behaved like drugged vandals and hooligans instigating and misguiding the youth to spread terror and violence.
The unfortunate aspect was that the schedule and holidays of thousands of tourists were disturbed and many had a harrowing experience. Some vehicles meant to transport tourists were also destroyed and damaged.
Thereby projecting a very bad image of the State and its people. Foreign nationals who were riding on motorcycles through Nagaland were threatened and made to turn back by CLP leader Tokheho himself, the release said.
The release also lamented that this is how the Congress leaders in Nagaland are bringing up its youth who will be the leaders of tomorrow. This is the example that the Congress leaders are setting for the younger generation. If the Congress is of the opinion that they have achieved success in enforcing the bandh during the peak of the tourist season, then it is for the entire Naga community to judge them. The youth of Nagaland from every corner of the State, who have formed the nucleus of the Hornbill Festival and who are the targeted benefactors of the tourism industry should realise the vision, negative policies and sabotaging attitude of the Congress leaders in Nagaland.
The release further said the Congress leaders of Nagaland had also advised Union Minister for Urban Development, who was scheduled to arrive in Nagaland today, to refrain from visiting the State leading to the canceling of her second schedule of inaugurating the urban poor housing project in the capital. This is how the Congress is playing the negative role of working against the interest of the Naga people keeping their narrow political interests above everything else.
The people know the attitude and character of the Congress leaders in Nagaland. It is these actions and their attitude which compels us to reveal the fact that the Congress are agents of outsiders and representatives of our adversaries, following the alien culture of serving only its masters and high commands of Delhi. These are the reasons that have placed the Congress in its present status of facing defeat after defeat, the release said.
The NPF will never take any action or decision, under any circumstances, that is adverse to the interest of the Naga people, especially our youth, the release added.

Power dept staff prevented from doing duty 


STAFF of the Power dept. based in power house, Burma Camp, were today prevented by NPCC volunteers from proceeding to replace an electric pole broken by a tree branch and which had blacked out part of Midland area till Holy Cross School.
SDO, Electrical Sub-Division No 1, Er Namhen Khate, in a release, said several calls were received by the control room from the consumers at the affected areas.
The staff were made to listen to those “unwanted lectures.”
The SDO also said “in a situation where the department staffs are not allowed to work, then the citizens are requested to understand and not to blame the department for such incident.”
The release further said “being an essential service, every citizen expect constant power supply with exception to the load shedding period and it is the responsibility of the department to see that power supply is restored irrespective of any technical problem.”
Hence it is requested that in case of any bandh or strike in future, the Power department should be exempted as there are many cases where it has to be attended urgently, the release added.

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