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NPF central youth responds to slur on Zeliang

By EMN Updated: Feb 27, 2015 11:43 pm

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he NPF Central Youth is amused at the rebel Noke group allegations that the Chief Minister, T.R. Zeliang and NPF President, Dr. Shurhozielie has failed to kept their commitment made to the legislators by not allocating the portfolios in time. Perhaps, the rebel members at Niathu Resorts have no longer moral right to asked the Chief Minister to distribute portfolios or not to, since they have already abandon their sworn responsibility by hiding in a self imposed confinement camp at Niathu Resort for the last two months.The rebel members should understand that it is the prerogative of the Chief Minister to allocate portfolios at the right time and to the right person, but not at a time when they (rebel group) are all out to ravage the duly elected government and the constitutionally recognized political party (NPF) from their hiding place.The NPF Youth Wing felt that if the rebel members are really concern about the affairs of the state, they should come out of their self-imposed confinement and join the mainstream to voice out their concern. The rebel group cannot issue dictate to the duly elected government from their hiding place without coming up to Kohima.
It is also quite an irony that the rebel leaders who have flouted all democratic and other legal procedures in their desperate attempt to hijack the democratically elected government had questioned the democratic principle of the Chief Minister. The present political mess in the state is the creation of few rebel leaders who is all out to usurp power through a coup like situation.
NPF Youth Wing is also at a lost to understand as how to the rebel group could still claim majority when they themselves had readily given absolute mandate to Chief Minister, T.R. Zeliang on the floor of the house during the strength test on 5th February 2015. Therefore, the repeated claim of the rebel group at Niathu Resort of commanding majority is quite disgraceful in the eye of the people.
The NPF Youth is also surprise at the silent of the people belonging to the constituencies of those self-exile legislators at Niathu Resort, at a time when their own elected representatives are taking their mandate and trust for a ride. In governance, even a minute is very precious and the elected members are expected to serve the people round the clock, but now, it is already two months those rebel legislators are hiding in self-confinement shedding all their assigned duty and people are made to suffer. Therefore, it is for the people to judge and decide as to what should be the fate of those elected representatives who have wasted so much of their precious time and wealth in self imposed confinement for their own self interest without performing their assigned duty.
The NPF Youth would like to advice the rebel members to come out of the self imposed confinement before the patient of the people run out. The earlier they release themselves the better for them.
Issued by:
Press Bureau
NPF Central Youth Wing

By EMN Updated: Feb 27, 2015 11:43:25 pm