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NPF and DAN legislature parties affirm to support TR Zeliang: Yitachu

By EMN Updated: Jan 21, 2015 12:02 am

Principal Correspondent
Kohima, January 20

Despite the prolonging division within the ruling Naga People’s Front (NPF) over the issue of change of leadership, the incumbent TR Zeliang led Democratic Alliance of the Nagaland (DAN) ministry has claimed to have garnered majority support without counting the nine suspended NPF legislators. Addressing a hurriedly called press conference at hotel de Oriental Grand here this evening, spokesperson of NPF-led DAN and Parliamentary Secretary for School Education, Yitachu said a total of 25 legislators, out of the ruling 42 legislators (excluding nine suspended NPF MLAs and one Independent MLA) of NPF-led DAN today reaffirmed support upon the leadership of incumbent Chief Minister TR Zeliang.
DAN has a total of 52 members in the government with 38 NPF, four BJP, one JD (U) as pre-poll alliance partners while one NCP legislator is a post-poll ally member and eight Independent MLAs also supports DAN. Opposition Congress has 8 members in the House of 60.
The affirmation was made in today’s crucial two separate meetings of the Shurhozelie headed NPF Legislature Party and DAN Legislature Party at the State Banquet Hall Kohima which was attended by 25 out of the 52 members, he said.
He declared that 17 DAN legislators are out of station while nine NPF legislators have been suspended restricting their attendance in any of the legislature meeting while one Independent MLA has also been stripped off his portfolio and did not attend the meeting. Out of the present strength of 29 NPF elected members, excluding nine suspended, 16 of us, including the NLA Speaker attended the meeting, he claimed.
The DAN Spokesperson went on to state that four BJP MLAs are in Delhi, so were unable to attend the meeting. He said that out of 22 NPF legislators, excluding the nine suspended members from the dissident group, 13 are kept under forceful confinement at Sovima in Dimapur by the dissidents, lest out of the forceful confinement they will also extend support to the incumbent Chief Minister.
Yitachu reiterated that none of the alliance partners have official withdrawn their support, so the NPF-led DAN is still intact.
Yitachu said that the two meetings shared concern about the present political imbroglio within the NPF legislators for change of leadership, but the 25 DAN members present have reposed their faith affirming the leadership of TR Zeliang.
He claimed that the incumbent Chief Minister has majority support in the present House of 60 members and nothing will happen despite the dissident factor.
On the State Governor not accepting the recommendation of the State Cabinet for summoning of special session of Assembly for trial of strength supposed to be held today, Yitachu justified that “it is under the consideration of the Governor”.
“The Governor must be consulting the legal luminaries and Constitutional experts because of which he is taking time”, he said adding that it is only a matter of time and once the session is convened the truth will come out with majority of DAN alliance supporting the leadership of TR Zeliang.
He also said that being the guardian of the Constitution in the State, the Governor is applying his wisdom and will surely summon the special session at an appropriate time, but ‘how long will he take it is at his disposal’.
‘Sooner or later the only pace to resolve the issue is the test in the floor of the Assembly,’ Yitachu quipped while adding that the matter will be resolved very soon.
Yitachu then expressed that the present imbroglio is not just an internal problem of the NPF, but it is regarding the sitting Chief Minister in the House of the 60 members and once the session for trial of strength is convened, the CM will be able to prove his majority.
Yitachu also conveyed regrets to the people of the state while also asking them to be ‘little patient’ for the truth to prevail.
“The present DAN government is the only ally of the NDA government in the North East region and therefore the BJP-led NDA government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will never fail us while we (TR Zeliang led DAN) will also never fail of Nagaland,” he said.
Expressing that good days are ahead for the people the state, he asserted that the TR Zeliang government will always support the NDA government.
On CM Zeliang, NPF president Dr Shürhozelie and himself heading to Delhi on January 17 last, he justified that they have been there to meet the concern BJP leaders and that they managed to meet the BJP National General Secretary (Admin) and discussed that the BJP should not involve in disturbing or destabilizing the present government in the State.
On the breakdown of government functioning, Yitachu said, “There is no break down as no files are being delayed but everything is moving on and the incumbent legislators in the government are discharging their duties normally.”
On the representative of the dissident group meeting the Election Commission of India recently, he said, “They (dissident group) do not know the established laws, but the NPF led by Dr. Shürhozelie as approved by the NPF General Convention in November last is the only original party”.
Asked on the parallel meet of the NPFLP (Kaito group) called its Chief Whip Kuzholuzo Nienu, he said, “They are not the NPFLP, but just a dissident or rebel group so they do not have any legitimate right to convene such meeting, which will also not be recognized under any law or system”.
On a query why TR group could not hold NPF or DAN legislature party meetings earlier despite learning about the dissident move, Yitachu said, “It is not late but we are making it at a convenient time”.
On the appeal of various sections of the Naga civil societies to both sides to resolve the matter and bring the functioning of the government to normalcy, he said, “This is a democracy and people have all the right to voice out their concern but it is for the people to judge which group should run the affairs of the state”.
Yitachu also reiterated that ‘everything is in process and things will be resolved very soon, but little patient is required for the truth to prevail’.

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