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NPF alone can provide stable government: Zeliang

By EMN Updated: Nov 27, 2014 12:07 am

Shürhozelie says the party fully supports peace dialogue; Rio calls upon govt to unite all Naga factions

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Chief Minister TR Zeliang today asserted that only the Naga People’s Front (NPF) can provide a stable government and continue to uphold the Naga culture and tradition to sustain the Naga identity.
Addressing the first general convention of NPF after assuming the charge of the Chief Minister at IG Stadium here this afternoon, Zeliang said DAN-I and DAN-II were stable because of the strong support and cooperation of the party workers and elected members. Therefore, as a political party the NPF should continue to remain firm and strong, he stressed while stating that everyone is expected to support in every endeavour of the government.
It is always better to remain in a regional party, as only regional party like NPF can uphold the culture and tradition to sustain the identity of the Naga people, he said. “With only two members of Parliament from the State, NPF may be insignificant for the Centre but if we continue to provide a stable government and continue to maintain good relationship with the Centre, the NPF party will be appreciated in the long run,” he stated.
Reiterating that the Naga political issue is always in the top of the agenda of the NPF party and government, he said, “As facilitator we will rigorously continue to pursue it till the final solution is achieved.” He also said as facilitator, the NPF will never stand as a stumbling block on the road to dialogue to resolve the issue.
Noting that 17 years of peace talks between the Centre and NSCN-IM is too long a period, the CM said no decision can be taken without a stable and strong government at the Centre. He expressed optimism that the NDA government with a strong leader can take any decision today. So now the duty of the Naga people is to remain united and stand on a common platform, he stated while announcing that the Prime Minister has declared to resolve the issue in a time bound manner.
Zeliang also said the 52 DAN legislators in the State Assembly had confided in the Speaker and urged him to reconstitute the Joint Legislators Forum on Naga issue so as to approach the Prime Minister with a common agenda. However, he lamented that the process is being delayed as the State Congress has not responded to the call of the Speaker.
He has appealed to all the 60 members of the State Assembly and the two MPs to stand united and raise their voice in Parliament for an early solution to the Naga issue.
On the State’s finances, Zeliang said “the dark period” in the form of 13th Finance Commission will end by March 2015 while the better days under 14th Finance Commission will commence from April 2015. He said the 14th Finance Commission has already visited the State and realised the adverse impacts of the recommendations of 13th Finance Commission.
The Chief Minister also announced that the confirmation about the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Hornbill Festival was received from the PMO last evening.
Zeliang hoped that Modi would surely come to the rescue of the State government from the present financial crisis and deficit of Rs 1500 crore, thereby bringing changes in development and problems of facing the State.
He said the Prime Minister’s two-day visit to the State would send a positive signal to the people about the Centre’s commitment to resolve the Naga issue. But he urged the Naga factions to come together and pursue the issue.
NPF president Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu, who has once again been elected as the party president for the third consecutive time (2015-2020), said the primary objective of the party set out by the founding fathers is to restore peace in the land and to assist in any possible manner in any approach for a peaceful solution to the Indo-Naga political problem.
“Whatever may be the prevailing situation, NPF fully supports the ongoing dialogue between the government of India and NSCN-IM with a belief that once solution is hammered out, the same will be made as an offer to the Naga people and to give opportunity to other factions and the Naga public as well to give their opinion about their future,” he said.
He also appealed to the leaders of various Naga groups in equal measure to make concessions to one another and come together for the sake of the Naga people while emphasizing that the Naga leaders must lend their ears if they are really sacrificing in its true sense of the term for the future of the Naga people.
Liezietsu said his party has been facilitating for early solution to the Naga political problem but expressed regret that the Naga people have split into factions under the common roof of their demand for sovereignty thereby weakening the movement. He said because of the split a new situation has emerged in the Naga society.
He said piecemeal solution to the Naga political problem is out of question while asserting that there can be only one solution to the problem. “We appealed to the government of India to give a serious thought over it taking into account the gravity of the situation,” the NPF president said.
‘Our stand towards solution to the Naga political problem is firm and we are ready to take any risk if our action can be of any help to any move towards this end,” he added.
He predicted that the future of Naga people will be bleak if they remain separated and continue to fight among themselves. “In fact, this situation has diverted to a great extent the mind of the people from the main issue of a solution to mere unity among the undergrounds,” he said.
Three-time chief minister and sitting Lok Sabha MP Neiphiu Rio said NPF is the longest serving regional party in the country and it has remained strong because of everybody’s contribution. He, therefore, explained that the party leaders have to work together to take the party forward while still being strong. He also called upon the party leaders not to be complacent or else it will be difficult to stand again once the downfall starts.
Noting that the Naga society is at a crossroad, he said as every section of the society be it overground or underground is divided. “We are trying for achieving solution to the Naga political issue, but with such divisions it would be of no use even if the Centre grants solution. one or the other group will oppose it,” Rio added.
He said the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre is strong and can take any decision to resolve the Naga issue but it is for the Nag people to prepare the ground for accepting the solution.
He, therefore, asked the State government to make all efforts in bringing together the different groups and all sections of Naga people and maintain the tempo for early solution. “We all should remain united and prepare for a groundwork to accept the solution,” he added.
On the differences cropping within the DAN partners, Rio said DAN alliance should retrospect to build up bridges and relations. He also said the government and the party leadership should bring more development to bring back NPF-led DAN back to power for the fourth consecutive term in the 2018 elections.
Rio congratulated the new team of office bearers and wished them success in their future endeavours.
Rajya Sabha MP Khekiho Zhimomi and presidents of NPF Manipur N. Awangbou and NPF Arunachal Pradesh Anok Wangsao also spoke on the occasion while NPF secretary general KG Kenye, who has also been re-elected to the post, presented the secretarial report.
Home Minister Y Patton and chairman, NPF Central Election Board, read out the names of more than 100 new office bearers for the tenure 2015-2020.
Chaired by vice working president Apong Pongener, MLA and vice president N. Thongwang delivered the welcome address in the convention while working president Huska Yepthomi tendered the vote of thanks.

NPF welcomes Modi’s declaration on Naga solution
The Naga People’s Front (NPF) while reiterating the need for early peaceful and amicable settlement of Indo-Naga political conflict today welcomed the declaration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to solve the problem in a ‘time bound’ period.
Adopting a five-point resolution during the NPF general convention at IG Stadium here today, the NPF, however, expressed hope that the PM’s declaration would be followed with sincerity and open mind by both the parties so as to accommodate the aspirations of each other in the settlement.
It also resolved to work towards ‘One Naga’ and for peaceful coexistence with neighbours for peace, progress and prosperity.
The NPF also affirmed to work with full transparency and accountability so as to improve the economic standard of the people by providing equal opportunity to all sections of the society in terms of education, infrastructure and health care delivery system.
The NPF has also asserted to work to create conducive and peaceful atmosphere for developmental friendly environment to attract investors so as to create job opportunities for the Naga youths.
Further, the convention expressed its full support to the leadership of Chief Minister TR Zeliang and NPF president Shürhozelie Liezietsu.
The resolution committee convenor Yitachu read out the resolutions which were the gathering adopted by raising their hands.

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