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NPCC urges govt. to resume other healthcare services

By EMN Updated: Sep 17, 2020 1:29 am

Dimapur, Sep. 16 (EMN): As Nagaland has recorded 10 death cases for Covid-19 till date, while several patients are dying on a daily basis from other ailments, the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has urged the state government to resume other health services.

Stating that the situation is worsening with other ailments much more than Covid-19 because of delay in prevention and treatment, NPCC president K Therie has urged the state government not to ignore the plight of other patients anymore, an update stated.

“Six months suffering in bed without medical attention, one can imagine what would happen to the patient. The entire government hospitals need not be used for Covid-19. Covid-19 patients may have isolation wards as is in the case of TB,” Therie suggested.

He termed it fortunate that the Covid-19 scenario has not spiralled out of control and the recovery rate was good.

Therie, however, stated that declaring government hospitals as Covid-19 Hospitals has deprived the people of free medical services. With the huge amount of money sanctioned by the state and central governments to give free medical care, Therie has thanked the healthcare providers for their service and encouraged them to continue with same zeal even in the days to come.

Therie has, however, raised concern as it is not possible for all poor people to afford going to private hospitals for treatment. According to him, even for minor surgery, the charges are unaffordable as the bills surge anywhere from INR 30,000 upwards to lakhs.

Therie also alleged that Ayushman Bharat cards are dishonoured by some hospitals with complaints of non-payment as he ‘suspected an agreement between the government and empanelled hospitals.’

He suggested that both government and empanelled hospitals should serve patients beyond their prescription stating that “service to humankind in need is service to God.” He went on to state that agreement or agreed guidelines should be made public, so that patients know their rights.

He was of the view that if any empanelled hospital(s) are violating or not doing justice to the patients, they should be removed from empanelment. He added that patients should not remain silent spectators but rather report to Ayushman Bharat Centre for necessary action.

As price control is the duty of the government, Therie stated that charges on medicines, surgery and other health services should be controlled.

By EMN Updated: Sep 17, 2020 1:29:21 am