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Tuesday, February 07, 2023

NPCC says NPF doublespeak on BJP is not fooling anyone

By EMN Updated: Jul 24, 2017 4:15 pm

Dimapur, July 23 (EMN): The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has once again taken a jibe at the NPF’s ‘sudden discovery’ of what it stated was the communal nature of the BJP.
A press release from the party’s publicity cell on Sunday stated that this ‘belated’ and ‘sudden discovery’ by the NPF of the BJP’s communal character, that governor PB Acharya is an RSS pracharak and chief minister TR Zeliang a ‘Heraka boy’, was simply a vindication of the NPCC’s assertion of the same through the years.
This ‘discovery’ by the NPF however does not absolve the party of having functioned as the BJP’s springboard in the state, the press release stated. It pointed out that the NPF’s recent digs at the BJP-RSS ‘sinister agenda’ only serves to expose the NPF’s double-standard after being ‘kicked badly by its natural ally BJP’.
“The BJP has lot to thank the NPF for allowing it to take roots and nurturing its growth. The spurt of RSS activities in the state has been flourishing under the patronage of NPF who had deliberately turned a blind eye for the love of power and money.
“Since May 2014 when BJP came to power, the communal temperatures in the country has (sic) been heated up by the BJP-RSS to consolidate its holding on power and the nation remains divided more than ever. When other states were vociferously protesting against BJP-RSS divisive politics on a host of issues like Christmas Day being declared Good Governance Day, Good Friday as Digital India Day, beef ban and so on, the deadly silence of the NPF and its stout defending of the BJP-RSS agenda cannot be easily forgotten by the people”, it stated.
The NPCC reminded the NPF that ‘till some weeks back’, the NPF had never failed to repeatedly proclaim the BJP as its natural ally since 1977 ‘forgetting that BJP was formed only on 6 April. 1980’. “Leaving aside their ignorance, realizing after 37 years the true colours of the BJP-RSS will not undo the damage caused to the state and its people by allowing communal forces to take root”.
It appealed all those who believe in the principles of secularism, socialism and democracy to come together and save the state from impending dangers of communal forces.
“In the next assembly elections, the people will have a choice to either vote for secular front or communal forces. Unless the communal forces are defeated, posterity will never forgive us for succumbing to the lure of instant gains that will destroy our identity and our way of life forever”, the statement read.

By EMN Updated: Jul 24, 2017 4:15:04 pm