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NPCC reiterates commitment to resolve Naga political issue

By EMN Updated: Apr 21, 2022 9:24 pm
NPCC officials are seen during its general session at Congress Bhavan in Kohima town on Thursday.

Dimapur, April 21 (EMN): Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has reiterated its commitment to resolve the political problem through peaceful means without compromising law and order, if given an opportunity, while reaffirming not to compromise on Naga faith and identity.

The resolution to this effect was taken during its general session held in the conference hall of Congress Bhavan in Kohima on April 21. NPCC also resolved to demand the Election Commission of India (ECI) to reverse the ballot paper system in Nagaland state elections or to conduct polling and counting simultaneously in one day.

NPCC has demanded to stop appointing electronic voting machine (EVM) engineers to handle the machines in the offices of returning officers as they belong to EVM manufacturing companies. It demanded that officers be trained to handle the EVMs, if need be.

NPCC also appealed to the people of Nagaland to rise and join in the movement to defend and protect their faith, identity, economy and to resolve the political problem peacefully. It also appealed to all like-minded leaders to join hands in defending the idea of a secular India.

It further urged the government of India to dismiss the UDA government to pave the way for settlement of the agreements, an update from NPCC communication department stated on Thursday.

Speaking during the session, NPCC president, K Therie has highlighted the social, economic and political issues confronting the state. Alleging that corruption has seeped into every layer of governance, he has sounded urgency for the Naga society to stand up against corruption and dilution of identity and culture.

Therie stated that uncontrolled price hike has affected every citizen, while the government has no programme to control price hike, extortion and corruption. He also alleged that the people were made to pay multiple taxes, while development funds are shared without works.

“There are so many unverifiable projects, money drawn but work not found, while the state’s deficit has grown to 2600 crores,” Therie said.

On the political issue, Therie stated that the nine decades old issue continues to haunt the young and the old alike and added that the current political scenario and delay in implementing political solutions is taking its toll on the economy and society.

Therie also claimed that AK Mishra, representative of GOI, has miserably failed to take forward the two official agreements that were signed between the government of India and Naga national workers. He has accused Mishra of being not transparent before the stakeholders and continued to ignore their demand for urgent settlement.

Pointing out that the danger of Nagas’ identity being submerged has become more of a reality than a threat, Therie urged the members to be conscious of the communal violence and intolerance towards minority communities occurring across the nation.

Stating that the EVM system of election is not tamper proof, Therie claimed that there are multiple opportunities for manipulation in the present system. He said the missing 19 lakh EVMs manufactured by the two state run companies BEL and ECIL cannot be accounted for by ECI and added that there are no other reasons for missing EVMs than to manipulate election results.

Urging party rank and file to stand strong against the odds and to work harder to further the programmes, policies and ideology of the Congress party, Therie further called upon the party workers to renew their efforts in the ongoing enrolment exercise.

Speakers who also addressed the session included NPCC working presidents Khriedi Theunuo and Bobby Panicker, general secretaries Capt. GK Zhimomi and S Supongmeren Jamir. Reports from the DCCs and frontal organisations including the minority department of NPCC were presented to the house by respective representatives.

The session concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by NPCC vice president, W Akum.

By EMN Updated: Apr 21, 2022 9:24:53 pm