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NPCC: NPF–BJP ‘friendly contest’ in bye elections a recipe for disaster

By EMN Updated: Sep 25, 2014 11:17 pm


The NPCC have lost no time in pointing out the ‘anomalies’ in the NPF contesting the BJP in the bye elections to the 11Northern Angami A/C on October 20th. In a press release the NPCC states that the run up to the bye lections have not only been ‘superfluous;’ but unbecoming of the DAN that has enjoyed the electoral mandate of voters for the last three terms. The release notes that’ none of the NPF MPs elected during the last two terms completed their full term and there is no guarantee that the present MP will not come back to the state before his term is over’.
It states almost a dozen bye-elections (with few exceptional cases necessitating it) have been held since DAN came to power in 2003. It opines that the emerging crisis within the ruling party will fuel more bye-electionsin the days to come. Highly critical of rising election costs the release state ‘abnormal election incurs abnormal monetary involvement because it becomes a gamble in favor of the one who cashes double, multiple times over his counterpart’. The state has lost hundreds of crores during by-elections alone just to buy and purchase expensive votes states the press release. It states that on these grounds NPCC therefore, decided not to endorse or comply with the given situation where bye-election is once more taken by DAN as a joyride along with the electorate
The NPCC release further ridiculed the NPF saying as an ally of the NDA and BJP, the dedicated partners of DAN fought several state elections together, supporting same candidate in several national elections with one common agenda- political solution. Despite its professed regionalism the NPF, the release states shared the same bed with BJP an entity that propagates Hindu nationalism. But the contentious disqualification of the 3 MLAs and now the electoral confrontation between the two has set the cat amongst the pigeons and their ‘honeymoon has gone sour’ adds the release. The NPCC suspects that judging the developments around the bye-election it could become the most expensive and most complicated. It states either way, win or lose for the NPF or BJP the result will impact the leadership of the day or split the partnership or even consequential threat to the establishment. Therefore, the NPCC states that under the circumstances’ it is best for the future interest of the party to let the alliance partners of DAN go ahead with their “friendly contest” against each other and demonstrate to the people their sincerity in fulfilling their prior commitment made on the desired political solution
Given the stated situation of bye-election held then and now, the Congress has conscientiously decided not to field candidate in the ensuing bye-election in 11 Northern Angami II A/C. Also humbly accepting and respecting the poll verdict the NPCC has resolved to abstain from the contest and allow the electorate to determine, whichever way they want, the fate of the NPF and BJP, the release stated.

By EMN Updated: Sep 25, 2014 11:17:35 pm