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Saturday, June 10, 2023

NPCC hits out at NPF: Cong is still ‘inclusive idea of nation’

By EMN Updated: Mar 31, 2017 12:31 am

Dimapur, March 30 (EMN): The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has declared that while the party has suffered electoral losses, the Indian National Congress remains not only a national political party but an ‘inclusive idea of the nation.’
The NPCC issued a press release on Thursday.
The NPCC explained: “Chief Minister Dr Shurhozelie proclaiming that the era of Congress has ended all over the country is just an illusion propounded by his communal masters in Delhi. Becoming chief minister by default, he has simply forgotten that the Cock party was once a nonexistent entity when even its cock symbol was frozen by ECI.”
The Congress alleged that Dr Shurhozelie “ditched the regional party bandwagon in 1999 to unsuccessfully contest parliamentary elections as independent candidate.” If not for Congress “imports that came and resuscitated the dying regional party in the form of NPF in 2002,” the press release stated, he would have been “banished to political wilderness forever.”The NPCC also alleged that the NPF-BJP government “which has become synonymous with rampant backdoor appointments” was “befittingly” led by Dr Shurhozelie “who sneaked in through backdoor to occupy the chief minister’s chair.”
The NPF’s political journey, the press release remarked, has “reached dead end and it is clearly evident from the way NPF party workers are jittery about the proposed formation of new political party by its dissidents.”
Here, the Congress party admitted that it had suffered electoral reverses. Yet the Indian National Congress remains not only a national political party but an inclusive idea of the nation, it stated. “Therefore, Congress cannot be uprooted or finished as desired by BJP-RSS to have their way in imposing a totalitarian regime. People who voted the BJP to power hoping for a change are now bearing the brunt of their hard-line politics,” the NPCC stated.
Further, it stated, although the NPF would like to believe that the Congress ideology was now “outdated and rejected” by the people, yet the “inclusive ideology of the INC which has withstood the test of time will prevail over the divisive and fascist ideology of the BJP-RSS.”
The NPCC also remarked that “becoming the comfort party of the BJP-RSS and facilitating their foothold in the state has become the only notable achievement of the NPF during the past 14 years.”
The BJP-RSS combine will soon “gobble up the NPF as it is happening with other regional parties in neighbouring states,” the Congress remarked. “The NPF-BJP partnership which was initially claimed to be confined only within the state of Nagaland has now been extended to the state of Manipur as well.”

By EMN Updated: Mar 31, 2017 12:31:58 am