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NPCC blames NPF led Govt for the sorry state of affairs

By EMN Updated: Nov 03, 2014 12:47 am


The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has said the condition of the state has been continuously battered by the misgovernance of the NPF led DAN government for the past 12 years without any signs of improvement. “With the change of guard in their leadership after 11 years, when the then Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio decided to escape the mess created all around by getting elected as Lok Sabha MP with the vain hope of finding foothold in Delhi durbar, it was expected that the new incumbent Chief Minister will instill fresh ideas and approach but has miserably failed so far to salvage the pitiable condition of the state,” the NPCC said in a press statement issued by its president SI Jamir.
It then said the financial health of the state has gone into deep coma for the past year while misgovernance and misuse of public funds continue unabated. Dilapidated condition of the state infrastructure adorns the landscape of the state while delay in payment of salaries to state government employees has become the norm with some employees struggling without pay for 5-6 months, it added. However, the Chief Minister and his party leaders now find it convenient to put all the blame on the 13thFinance Commission, forgetting that they are solely responsible for emptying the state treasury in nearly 12 years of blatant misrule and corruption, the NPCC statement also said.
While the NPF government remains clueless to steer the state out of the present crisis, it was also equally pitiable to see the state ministers making innumerable trips to Delhi pleading for additional funds with the BJP government at the centre. The irony with which the NPF has paid scant regards for the state BJP is conveniently forgotten when in Delhi but the state BJP has now woken up after a decade of deep slumber to throw its tantrums while still clinging on as desperate coalition partner of DAN government despite repeated humiliations by the NPF, it added.
According to NPPC, in recent months since Narendra Modi took over as BJP Prime Minister, the communal agenda of the BJP has manifested in various forms. While Prime Minister Modi propagates progress and development at every given platform to mask his real agenda, the RSS and its affiliates have quietly gone about with the task of propagating Hindutva ideology that is now slowly being imposed in all spheres of governance and public life, the NPCC alleged.
It then accused the Modi led Government at the Centre and said, “Till date, the Prime Minister has failed to condemn even a single communal riot that has become a regular occurrence in different parts of the country ever since the BJP came to power in May 2014. The recent communal clashes in Trilokpuri area of Delhi orchestrated by outside elements being the prime example. The Congress had always maintained the religious minorities and oppressed castes have no place in the BJP-RSS idea of nationhood and the actions of the BJP government in recent months substantiate the stand taken by the Congress party.”
The NPCC also said tith the BJP forming government at the Centre, the issue of finding settlement to the decade’s old Naga political problem was eagerly anticipated by the stakeholders but recent indicators emanating from the BJP government conveys the approach and mindset of the new incumbents in power. “Over 17 years of ceasefire and talks with a particular NPG has stretched all limits and the patience of the public is fast running out since the contents of talks are still shrouded in secrecy. If the present trend continues and culminates into any solution without taking the people into confidence, another recipe for disaster is being prepared and for which the BJP government will be solely responsible,” the NPCC cautioned.

By EMN Updated: Nov 03, 2014 12:47:00 am