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Now, officials threatening subordinates with disclosure

By EMN Updated: Nov 27, 2014 12:05 am



In a startling revelation, the ACAUT Nagaland said government servant(s) drawing salary from the government of Nagaland and having sworn loyalty to serve the state of Nagaland have been threatening subordinate employees with exposure for their non-compliance in the deduction of 24% salary tax to be paid to the Naga political groups.
Drawing attention of the Chief Secretary to the issue, the ACAUT Nagaland in a letter to him today said some official(S) of DIC Dimapur have once again threatened the employees who refuse to allow deduction of 24% of his/her pay to be paid to NPGs/undergrounds to disclose their names and addresses to the undergrounds to be dealt by the latter. The letter was appended by ACAUT co-chairman Joel Kath and secretary Zhalie Chuzho.
Stating that DIC Dimapur is well aware why no deduction of pay should be allowed since any deduction from employees’ salary for NPGs is illegal, the ACAUT said, “It is a most shocking episode, to say the least.”
The ACUT demanded that the erring officer(s) be dismissed from service immediately and booked under relevant sections of the law for extortion and also exemplary punishment be initiated against them so that this kind of ‘mischief’ does not occur again.
The ACAUT also sought cooperation and prompt response of the Chief Secretary so that the rest of the one lakh-odd employees serving the state of Nagaland do not have to undergo undue mental harassment on account of his non response to this burning issue.

By EMN Updated: Nov 27, 2014 12:05:04 am