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Now BSNL fails with Internet service, officials sleeps over it

By EMN Updated: Mar 13, 2014 1:33 am

SENAPATI, March 12

EVEN as mobile network service continues to remain in a pathetic condition, the Government run BSNL service has failed in providing Internet service too. Prolonging its worst service in most of the areas in the District, the BSNL officials seems to remain clueless and higher authority in Imphal remains mute over the issue till today. According to some customers, even after almost two years of poor BSNL mobile network in Senapati District, no improvement has been witnessed rather the internet service has also plunged from bad to worst of condition. Another customer complaint that, series of open letters to BSNL have been published in local newspapers and complaints lodged in the interest of the BSNL customers, but nothing has changed. Due to poor BSNL networks, even the SBI bank service have been affected frequently which has become a major issue unattended by any civil body and the concerned department.Sources claimed that, the apex student body Senapati District Students Association had also written complaint letter to concerned authority in Imphal some three months back, but there’s no sign of improvement. The District Administration has also reportedly written to the concerned
BSNL office for improving the network but till date, the service continues to worsen without any clarification to its dedicated customer who has to pay for poor services. Thanks to the false assurance of some BSNL officials who remained as mute spectators on the issue till today. Surprisingly, the present Controlling officer remains out of reach during the working days. When inquired, the said officer is always in meetings or in field works rather than addressing the customer’s grievances.
The landline numbers of customer care service at the Senapati BSNL are mostly unattended or busy for reasons unknown to the people. Here, the pressure groups also continues to sleep over the matter while the BSNL officials makes merry of the poor network and stay away from works with the poor linesmen in the office bearing the brunt of public abuses and complaints.

By EMN Updated: Mar 13, 2014 1:33:45 am