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Thursday, February 02, 2023

Not seeking political mileage out of Covid-19 pandemic — NPP Nagaland unit

By EMN Updated: Jun 07, 2020 11:00 pm

Dimapur, June 7 (EMN): The Nagaland unit of National People’s Party (NPP), in a counter rejoinder, accused the ruling Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) of employing “used bigoted wisdom and wild rhetoric” to defend the state government.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the Nagaland unit of NPP claimed that it is neither interested in partisan politics nor seeking political mileage out of the pandemic.

“The NDPP has very categorically questioned the efficacy of heads of educational institutions being into politics or becoming political leaders. We would like to question them here as to whether they are aware about the duties of a citizen of India, be it a common person or even the head of an educational institution. Our duties entail that one has to be adequately informed about the affairs of politics and should therefore take active participation in the state’s political affairs.

“However, there is no mention in either the Constitution of India or in any section of the Indian Penal Code that the head of an educational institution cannot take part in any political movement or become the leader of a political party. When it comes to educating the young minds, what education are we giving the younger generation if we teach them how to be submissive to the government and not question the legitimacy of its policies?” read the statement.

“Moreover, it is not hidden from the general public how some of the NDPP leaders are not only running educational institutions including schools and colleges but also showrooms, malls, media houses, resorts, etc. There are certain leaders who have amassed huge wealth and built an empire and even owns numerous properties in Nagaland, other states and even abroad worth billions of rupees. This could not have been possibly built with a legislator’s salary alone, not even in 10-15 years of ruling the state,” it added.

Further, the NPP wondered how the government could commit one blunder after another ‘when it is advised by experts’.

“Coming to the point of NPP-ruled states, majority of the Nagas as well as the rest of the North-eastern states admire and appreciate how the NPP national president and chief minister of Meghalaya is leading his state in an incredible manner for which he is today the most sought after leader not only in Meghalaya but also in the rest of the Northeastern region,” it stated.

The NPP ‘advised’ the NDPP to ‘fact check and find out reasons and logic’ behind its questions ‘which you have so comfortably labelled as negative criticism, misinformation and personalised attacks’.

“You have mentioned in your rejoinder that we do not appreciate the hard work of the frontline workers and other agencies. Maybe you have forgotten to read between the lines and perhaps skipped the part where we have given due credit to all frontline workers and this we have been doing since the time the pandemic situation started in our state. You may also go through the daily newspapers and social media to find out what role we have been playing in mitigating the lot of the people during this crisis.

“Here we would like to make it very clear to all and sundry that no party leader or any of the members of NPP Nagaland state has any personal discord or hostility against the government. In fact, we are ever ready to support the government, provided the government is on the right track and if only it proves itself as a people’s government. In doing so, we are open to any kind of discussion or consultation with the government on any matter of public importance. However, till the government is proactive towards the cause of the general public and till the time the government does not act for the general welfare of its citizens in an unbiased manner, the NPP Nagaland state would keep on highlighting the lapses of the government to ensure that the general public is not deprived of their rights,” the statement read.

By EMN Updated: Jun 07, 2020 11:00:48 pm