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Not everyone can be govt. officers so learn new skills, says minister

By Mirror Desk Updated: Jun 25, 2019 12:24 am
Temjen Imna Along and H Tovitoho Ayemi being introduced to Jetking’s officials by the center’s MD Suresh G Bharwani (extreme right in black) on Monday in Dimapur.

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Dimapur, June 24: ‘Jetking,’ a learning centre and an affiliate of Jetking Infotrain Limited, which is a computer hardware and networking institute, was inaugurated on Mon. June 24 at Dhobinala in Dimapur.
During the event, minister of Higher and Technical Education Temjen Imna Along Longkumer said not everyone can become a government officer or be employed in the govt. sector. For that reason, skills that are relevant and useful should be learned. The legislator pointed out that most Nagas have only mere certificates for general studies, which is one reason they do not get jobs.

The centre was inaugurated by Longkumer and advisor to the dept. of Power H Tovitoho Ayemi. The chairman and managing director of Jetking Infotrain Ltd., Suresh G Bharwani was also at the event.

In his address, Bharwani maintained that Jetking was one of the oldest ‘institutes’ in the country and the ‘largest institute’ with about 100 centres. He claimed that the institute has trained around 10 lakh students so far. He assured 100% placement for the successful.

Bharwani said ‘nobody teaches you like Jetking as we teach with methodology but we will need your commitment and hard work.’ He urged youths to work hard to achieve their goals.

In his address, Longkumer said that the venture of Jetking in the state was an endeavour that looks to the future will equip the youths for employment and to ‘live a life.’

Everyone cannot become a government officer or be employed in the govt. sector although everyone was welcome to attempt for it, Longkumer said. For that matter, Jetking will equip them with skills that are relevant and useful.

“Most of us end up studying the wrong thing and end up in a wrong place/profession. Jetking will be able to assist you in the right course for a satisfying future which is a welcomed move in Dimapur,” the legislator said.

The legislator pointed out that Nagas are educated but many a time ‘we our prepared with mere education with certificate of general studies which was the reason that fails us to get a job.’ He was optimistic that the introduction of Jetking would be a giant leap for the state to equip its youths professionally and to guide them in the right direction.

Advisor H Tovitoho Ayemi spoke at the event too. He exhorted the students’ community and the youths in particular to be equipped with digital skills ‘as it will not personally benefit them alone but the society as well.’ He said that the govt. both at the centre and state were ‘trying to make all possible services available to the citizens electronically.’

Jetking comes to fill a gap by imparting skills to people through professionals, the legislator asserted. He called upon the youths to make use of the opportunity that is Jetking to achieve self-reliance.

Further, Ayemi urged them to be equipped with skills that will help them in this competitive generation and to contribute towards making the Digital India programme a success ‘besides making themselves employable.’

By Mirror Desk Updated: Jun 25, 2019 12:24:55 am