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Not being briefed on Trump’s health, says Pelosi

By IANS Updated: Oct 05, 2020 4:22 pm

Washington, Oct 5 (IANS): Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the Democrats-led US House of Representatives, said that she was not being briefed on President Donald Trump’s health, who is currently in hospital following his Covid-19 diagnosis.

When asked during a CBS News interview on how frequently she was being briefed on Trump, Pelosi said: “Well, we’re getting our information the way everyone else is, in the media. But in terms of the succession, that’s an ongoing process. Sadly, at this time, it comes to the forefront.

“our prayers are with the President and the First Lady and all those who surround him. Hopefully, the extent- the tracing, the contact tracing will give us an idea who needs to be treated so that the toll of this terrible virus isn’t even worse than it is.

“The President has the best of care. That’s what we want for him and the family. I’ve always prayed for the family, for their safety throughout the presidency, as I have done for all presidents.

“We pray for his good health, his speedy recovery. But I hope it will be a signal that we really have to do better in preventing the spread of this virus.”

Pelosi further said that she was not interested in how Trump testing positive for the virus would have an impact on the upcoming November 3 presidential election.

“What I’m interested in is what impact will it be on coming to the table with us and doing what we have to crush the virus, listen to science, have the public-private role that needs to be done to crush the virus,” the Speaker told CBS News.

Regarding talks with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in an effort to strike a deal on an additional Covid-19 aid package, Pelosi said “we are making progress” but the Republicans were objected.

On October 1, the House passed a massive $2.2 trillion relief bill which features almost $500 billion for state and local governments; a renewal of $600 weekly payments for unemployment benefits; another round of $1,200 checks for individuals; $75 billion for coronavirus testing; and billions of dollars more for schools, the Postal Service, food stamps, rental assistance and election security. It also contains emergency bailout funds for two industries hit hardest by the pandemic: airlines and restaurants.

Biden tests negative for Covid-19 again

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has tested negative for Covid-19 for the second time since US President Donald Trump’s October 2 announcement that he and the First Lady were infected with the virus.

In a statement on Sunday, Biden’s election campaign said that he was administered a PCR test, which came back negative, reports The Hill news website.

Just hours after Trump’s announcement, Kevin O’Connor, the former Vice President’s primary care physician, had said that Biden and his wife Jill had undergone PCR testing “Covid-19 was not detected”.

Biden has continued Biden with his campaign, appearing in Michigan on October 2.

His campaign has halted negative ads while Trump is battling the virus.

The rivals are slated to appear in two more debates, one on October 15 and another on October 22.

But it remained unclear if they would proceed in the wake of Trump’s health condition.

By IANS Updated: Oct 05, 2020 4:22:25 pm