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Northern Angami: Media war over Chiechama village incident

By EMN Updated: Oct 10, 2014 12:54 am


The Chiechama Village Youth Organization (CVYO) while clarifying the incident that had occurred on October 8 at Chiechama Village Council Hall at around 5 pm, said the youth organization is compelled to clarify its position and the position of the village council as the news of the incident is misreported in the local media carried on October 9.
The Village Youth Organization stated in a press release that it is for the peaceful co-existence, unity and harmony of the village in general. In order to maintain the peaceful atmosphere prevailing in the village, the Chiechama Village Council had taken a decision not to allow any candidate or party workers to organize election campaign programs and activities in the Village Council Hall. “This decision was taken after the lady wife of the BJP candidate was caught distributing money while luring the voters of Chiechama village in the ensuing bye-election, as the Village Council Hall is not a hall for criminal activities; therefore, the above decision was taken. Moreover, this decision was necessitated in order to maintain the law and order situation in the village,” the press release added.
Regarding yesterday’s incident, the village youth body alleged that the situation was created by Visasolie Lhoungu, BJP candidate and Neisakholie Rüpreo who stood as stand-by BJP candidate when the two along with their supporters broke the lock of the Village Council Hall and tried to organize the election campaign program inside the hall in complete violation and disregard to the Village Council Authority.
“This was done by Visasolie Lhoungu and Neisakholie Rüpreo without any permission from the village council but with the ill intention to disturb the peaceful atmosphere and tried to create enmity amongst Chiechama villagers”, the youth body alleged.
The CVYO then claimed the village council chairman had informed Visasolie Lhoungu and Neisakholie Rüpreo that the council would not allow any candidate or party workers to organize election campaign programs and activities in the village council hall, but the two leaders mentioned above willfully violated the instructions of the village council chairman. On learning the situation, the Chiechama Village Youth Organization had requested Visasolie Lhoungu and NeisakhOlie Rüpreo to respect and honor the Village Council decision and not to organize any election campaign inside the village council hall. The CVYO alleged that instead of paying heed to the request, Neisakholie Rüpreo physically assaulted the youth office bearers inside the village council hail, but the youth organization had not reacted to his action.
According to CVYO, taking advantage of its good gesture, Visasolie Lhoungu and Neisakholie Rüpreo went to the extent of verbal provocation and further gave false information and report to the media which was published in the local media to tarnish the good image of the village. In fact, during the reported incident there was none of the NPF party workers present but it was the CVYO executives and its volunteers only, it also said. “The decision of the village council barring any candidate and party workers is completely the prerogative of the village alone and there is no involvement of any political party and the youth organisation is duty bound to uphold and execute the decision of the village council,” the CVYO asserted.

BJP Nagaland vehemently condemns the alleged undemocratic practices of NPF during the campaign trails of BJP candidate. It said the acts of vandalism unleashed by the NPF in the villages of Tuophema, Botsa and Chiechama were clear cases of violation of election model code of conduct (MCC). “What was even more intriguing was the NPF of denying their hands in the incidents despite hundreds of eye witnesses, including the district administration and security personnel present when the incidents happened,” BJP Nagaland stated in a press release.
It then said that defending its mischief by quoting the village resolution adopted in February 2014 nakedly exposed the NPF’s pre-plan to sabotage the BJP campaign advantages. BJP Nagaland then demanded to know from the election authorities as to whether a village resolution is above the constitution of India. “Further, the election authorities should clarify to the public as to whether elections are conducted under the provisions of Representation of People’s Act (RPA), 1951 or under the village customary law and procedures,” the press note of the BJP also demanded.
According to the press note of the BJP, NPF had taken the village council resolution as its weapon to fight the former. The resolution had infringed upon the fundamental rights of an individual to exercise his or her franchise without fear or favour. BJP Nagaland said that it is confident that the election authorities will take appropriate action as per the provisions of MCC.


The NPF Youth Wing, Tuophema village unit refuted to the press statement regarding the incident at Tuophema that was reported under the caption, “Youths disallow BJP by-poll meeting” at Chiechama.
The NPF youth body refuted the BJP candidate version regarding the incident. According to the NPF Youth body, the BJP candidate had alleged that the trouble started on Tuesday night triggered by the act where the police personnel along with NPF youth frisked BJP party vehicles and checked for money and other materials through the order of EAC, and that in the process some vehicles were damaged. It was further alleged that the underground groups threatened the State BJP officials deputed to oversee the election process.
Giving its version, the NPF Youth Wing of Tuophema unit clarified that on the faithful day some ‘so called’ state BJP officials, who had never visited their village prior to declaration of by-poll, done nothing for the village and above all does not know anything about the functioning of the village and about their people, came to the village. Addressing a public meeting was anticipated and would have been better but they chose the other way around in the form of house to house campaigning, it stated. “Such an activity had the tendency to create animosity among our people who so far have been co-existing peacefully irrespective of different political party affiliations,” the NPF Youth Wing stated. Hence, the youth politely advised them to desist from such activity in their village. A heated exchange of words between a particular clan occurred then. This particular incident had nothing to do with BJP and NPF, the youth body stated.
It then said no underground group was involved in that incident. On the contrary, the NPF youth sensing the situation flaring up, to avoid any untoward incident within the village escorted the BJP leaders to the highway i.e Botsa junction. There, a mob had gathered to confront the BJP leaders, however the EAC on learning the situation, he along with police personnel rushed to the venue to defuse the tension.
“Such facts can be corroborated by the BJP leaders and the party supporters from our village who were present at the time of the incident. However, judging by the version of the BJP candidate and his chief agent of the 11th Northern Angami-II assembly constituency, they seem to be feeling frustrated and the battle lost before it actually is fought,” the village unit of the NPF added.

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