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Noke led NPF lists problems Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu has

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The NPF headed by Noke Wangnao while issuing a long list of Dr Shurhozelie’s problems, said that the latter has always had an attitude and approach that if something is good for him then it should be forcefully made to look good for the party and the Naga society. According to the statement the NPF (Noke group), Dr. Shurhozelie had always said that the regional party is not like any national party as ‘we have no high command’ and that the people and the workers at the grass root are the real high command of the party. “Today, he is eating his own words as, his autocratic and dictatorial style of functioning has exposed the fact that he has always been behaving like the super high command,” the statement said. If indeed, he believes that the grass roots are the real high command of the party, he should understand that Noke Wangnao and Kaito Aye have the unanimous support of the clear majority of the NPF at the grass roots level as 40 assembly constituencies and 10 divisions have extended support to Noke Wangnao and G. Kaito Aye, it added. “Moreover 22 elected MLAs and both the Members of Parliament are also behind the majority. Let his actions follow the words that he has spoken time and again and acknowledge the leadership of those who have the support of the majority,” Noke group of the NPF advised.
Hurling a volley of questions the NPF (Noke group) asked, “For more than ten years that he has been president, how many districts and interior parts of the State has he visited? During assembly elections, how many constituencies has he campaigned in? During national elections how many districts has he covered? How many districts in Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh has he campaigned in? Is he not behaving like a super high command operating with super powers from Kohima? Is he not responsible for the disqualification of the three BJP MLAs which has deeply hurt the sentiments of the BJP high command and had adversely impacted the governance of the State? Why did he personally boycott and not attend the visits of Lok Sabha Speaker Smt Sumitra Mahajan and Prime Minister Narendra Modi when these leaders of the country visited Nagaland?”
According to the statement, today the affairs of the party and the Government would not have reached this stage if only Dr. Shurhozelie had respected the majority view of the party and the NPF legislators. He should have played a neutral role instead of taking sides.
It then said that as ‘ex-NPF party president’, he should stop issuing threats and intimidation as he has been removed from office and has no political or moral responsibility to continue claiming to be the party president. Instead, he should accept the verdict of the party organisation and the rank and file of the party and gracefully pave the way for the new President to take charge of office, it stated.
“Dr. Shurhozelie will remember or needs to be reminded that in 2002, it was a special emergency meeting of the party, in which Dr. Shurhozelie also participated, that had removed the then president late Huska Sumi. At that point of time Huska Sumi paved the way in the most gentlemanly manner and did not try to forcefully remain in his chair or continue to issue threats and intimidations or spread false propaganda and rumours. He should learn from the example that has been set by senior leaders instead of continuing with his attitude of forcefully insisting that what is good for him is good for the party and the State,” the statement issued by NPF (Noke group) added.
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