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No Work No Pay – No Other Way Acceptable

By EMN Updated: Mar 03, 2020 11:43 pm

Chief Secretary Temjen Toy deserves real appreciation and fullest support for his decision to implement the forgotten “NO WORK NO PAY” discipline to end absenteeism in the State Government offices from the Secretariat to the district and sub-divisional offices. With the whole Cabinet certain to be behind the authoritative directive its failure is out of the question.

The Chief Secretary called a spade a spade. On January 15 he reportedly said most Government servants were “serving for their own interests forgetting their priorities as government employees.” He was addressing the first meeting of the AHoDs and the HoDs for 2020. The irresponsibility indulged in with impunity and lack of concern by those who should know better has paralysed our society for too long. A fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work should now become the normal standard.

Ruling out further tolerance of “dereliction of duties by many senior officials”, they were challenged to set the right examples of excellence for their subordinates as “unless we become amenable to rules, there is absolutely no future”.  The public’s strong support for this is assured.

We thank the Chief Secretary for clearly drawing the battle line to shape our future. The best news of the New Year! He must not hesitate to enlist the support of the public should the need arise. What is not acceptable or tolerable must no longer be accepted or tolerated. We ask those in the bureaucracy who do their work honestly not to misunderstand this statement. 2020 must be a new year of great change. We want to play our part.

Kezekevi Thehouba, Nieketu Iralu chairmen, Robert N.Solo secy, Daso Paphino, Chato Paphino G.B, Pheluopfhelie Kesiezie, Krurovi Peseyie, Dr. Kepelhousie Terhüja, Visedel Kin, Lezoto Paphino, Medoselhou Keretsü, Kethozhapu Sahou, Kuolachalie Seyie, Zakieo Metha, Zakie Suohu etc, etc.

Kuolachalie Seyie

By EMN Updated: Mar 03, 2020 11:43:39 pm